Friday, March 20, 2015

"Life Begins At Forty"

       I was searching for the origin of the phrase (which actually is from the turn of the 20th century)  then I came across this video posted by the American Sound Archives of a 1947 spoken-word song performed by Sophie Tucker with Ted Shapiro & His Orchestra. The words are just too amusing not to share! If you are just a few years from turning 40 or are in your 40's and loving it, then you should give this a listen!


I've often heard it said and sung
That life is sweetest when you're young
And kids, sixteen to twenty-one
Think they're having all the fun
I disagree, I say it isn't so
And I'm one gal who ought to know
I started young and I'm still going strong
But I've learned as I've gone along . . .

That life begins at forty
That's when love and living start
To become a gentle art
A woman who's been careful finds
That's when she's in her prime
And a good man when he's forty
Knows just how to take his time

Frivolously Fussing
About Being Forty

          Do you see any wrinkles?  No, I didn't erase anything away with Photoshop hehe.

         So yeah, I am now 40 years old and I'm certainly glad to be Asian! I'm not really sure what makes us look younger than we really are. Well I think  it's genetic and I've kept a healthy lifestyle hoping to double the effect. ^_^
     You know, I wonder what it is about turning 40 that gets a person caught in moments of sentimentality. The other day I was looking at my old photo albums  (tangible ones containing photos taken with cameras that uses film). And yesterday I was reading some pages in my old (hand-written) journals.

    Perhaps because it's time to say goodbye to being young. You probably want to interject right here and argue that 40 is NOT old. Of course it's not old. Forty is neither young nor old - it is the age limbo hehe. If 35 to 45 is the pime years of the human body, then 40 would be the summit. Then it's all downhill from there. When you're 46 you can still argue that you are not old - but you're surely getting close heehee.

    But old is just a state of mind and age is just a number, right? Then hitting 40 should be no big deal. It's like passing through a welcome arch, you pull over to take selfies - nothing of excitment. But if you  dread seeing that 40KM marker along the highway which we call life, now that would be a problem.  If you  feel that way, that could only mean that there's a life lesson that you missed in your journey. Perhaps you were too busy enjoying the view - of someone else's road?  Or maybe it embarrasses you not to arrive in a fancy ride? Anyway, I really don't want to trigger a midlife crisis on anyone with this post hehe

    You see, we have only one year on top of the mountain (in the graph of our assumed life expectancy) and there is no other perfect time to R, R and R :

    REMINISCE. Look back down and remember all those moments in your life before you got  here. Yup, the good and the bad.  REFLECT on those moments in every aspect of your life and extract the lesson from the experience. And finally, and most importantly, RID. Yes get rid of those things you don't need in your life. Throw them down the cliff! That could be anything -  unrealistic goals, sky-high standards, destructive relationships, false sense of success, things you do that really only pleases others, objects that make you feel somebody that you are not...

     Yeah there are so many! And I really want to feel light when I start my graceful descent on the other side of the mountain carrying only the ring of talent, the amulet of skill, the  orb of experience, the scepter of knowledge, and the crown of wisdom... and a blood pressure monitor maybe LOL! Oh and of course God's grace! Yes we will be needing all of these to handle the best and the worst down there!  ^_^

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Top 10 Best Selling
BuhayBohemio Shirts

      I first launched BuhayBohemio shirts online in February 2012 with only 4 designs. By the end of 2014, I already have more than 30 designs which I also made  available on tank tops.  Some designs I already phased out. I recycled their frames to give way for new designs that I thought would be cool.

      I remember that I am supposed to release 3 new designs by the end of March. But before I show you new creations,  I'm gonna share something that you might be curious about - What are my best selling t-shirts? Well here they are:   ^_^

    Two shirts share this spot as the 10th most ordered designs: The CMYK Buddha (left) released in 2013, and the Rasta-Britannica (right) from last year.

    Yeah, these 4 have the same number of sales. This top 10 list actually has 17 shirt designs all in all hehe.
Anyway, from left to right, USSR (2012), Rising In-Yo (2013), Motorcycle Diaries (2013), and Omakara (2013).

    On the 8th spot is the Republika shirt (left) from 2012, one of the first shirts ever designed by me; and the Resist Rebel Reclaim  shirt from 2013.

     At lucky number 7 is my Starvebux shirt. Maybe I could make this available on a light khaki t-shirt someday. Not everybody is fond of wearing white, you know.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Four Years of Bohemianism

     Ahh March is here! I love this month. I always though of it as a happy month because when I was a kid it meant that school is ending, or that I'll be graduating soon. Also it marks the beginning of the hot and dry season that's perfect for beach trips <3 .   For me it is the month of transition. The month of happy endings and beautiful beginnings. Oh did I mention that March is also my birth month? ^_^

      I started this blog in March. On the 1st day, as a matter of fact. So today is my blog's 4th anniversary which also marks the day I decided to go bohemian  and quit working 9-to-5 to become a self-employed artist.

      In retrospection I read all my March-1 posts in this blog. It didn't take long, there are only 3 posts haha, and 4 years isn't so long ago - it's too early for a success story. That is, if you equate success to becoming rich and famous. But my idea of success is being able to do what you want to do in life. Take note: it's "do", and not "have".

     What I want to do is create, create and create things and sell them away to have the money to create, create and create more things ( and pay for the bills, of course ). Well I'd say that I've been doing that - the creating part. I'm not making much money but I'd like to mention that after 4 years, I'm now just a few thousand Pesos away from breaking even. Yeah, the amount of money in my vault will be back the way it was when I started this whole thing. If you think about it, at that point nothing is gained except valuable knowledge,  experience,  suppliers, and clientele... plus stocks of blank shirts and some durable equipment hehe.

    It's like graduating from a 4-year course and it's time to move up to the next level. I need to take time to make assessments and plans. But before that, I really need a Summer break. I'm actually burned-out! Really! I have not recharged myself after the work of last year's Holidays and I hoped to relax and do some non-profitable creative stuff in January. But instead I had to work on monograms and new designs for Customized Chic. Though it does bring in cash, I feel guilty because I haven't done anything for my brand since then. ( Well not really, I did serve a few orders of shirts and portraits. )  I mean I haven't done anything significant. Like introducing a new product, or getting some business problems solved.

      Yeah there are problems but most of them are good problems and I am thankful for them. Well I continue to have many  other things to be thankful for and they certainly are not problems at all. Like you, my dear readers - all 27 of you and those who follow this blog anonymously ( I can see the stats ^_^ ). Also the 492 people  who liked the FB page, the majority of which are complete strangers hehe. Thank you so much to those who bought shirts and other items that I made. The one-time customers and those who keep coming back for more.  Many thanks also to my regular clients for my digital portraiture services. You guys keep me going! God bless you all!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feeling Meh-eh-eh

      Don't you just love Chinese cut paper art? It's called jianzhi, by the way. Usually done on red paper but sometimes on white and then lavishly colored just like this goat design.

     So today begins the Year of the Wood Goat. The Chinese believe that the goat (or sheep) is a lucky animal because, though a farm animal, it doesn't have to do farm work and is free to roam around and look for green grass... until the owner wants mutton for dinner LOL.

   Have you read your fortune forecast for the Year of the Goat? I always read mine from and this year is another mehhh year for me. You know, though the goat and the rabbit are chums, the elements they carry are not. I'm a Wood Rabbit that's low on water and the Wood Goat also bring earth and fire but no water or metal. So I have 2 elements that consumes water and one that evaporates water. : /   
       Basically, the advice given is that I keep good reputation (as I always do)  among my friends, colleagues and relatives of the same generation as I am  - because they will really be around this year, and they can help me earn some ka-chings. So I need to have a more out-going personality to tap into these available resources.

       Having good luck actually means getting something good by chance rather than by one's own effort. And since I'm low on luck this year, according to Chinese astrologers who apparently has an interestingly time-tested system of calculating an individual's fortune, looks like I'm gonna have to sweat for the good stuff.

         Anyway, weather or not you believe in the concept of luck, I wish you, my dear readers, all the good things.  Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Hearts Day!

       If Valentines is just another commercial day, then this is what I'm selling. . .   ^_^

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"This Is Your Life - You Run The Show."

      With a little bit of effort  I was able to find again this video that I've watched late last year, shared by a friend on Facebook, which I thought is very inspiring. I was hurrying to get back to what I was doing then that I failed to note the title and director of this great work.  But thanks to Google I re-found this vid through a line that I remembered -  "...big mouths making excuses on Facebook trying to get likes but they don't even like themselves!" ^_^

     So this is one of many videos by Italian animator Raffaella Traniello, who is presently working in an elementary school and is focused on making short animation films with kids below 12 years old. You'll find in this vid, animated drawings done by children. The narrator is also a child and it's really amusing that a nine or 10-year-old is giving us grown-ups some advise on how we should think about our dreams, or how do deal with what other people think of our ambitions. Of course the lines are composed by a grown-up hehe but hey, you really can't deny that there are things about life that you can learn from a child.  Remember when you were a kid you did what makes you happy until you became concerned about what other people might think?

      Well if you're person who has given up on your dreams or at least has kept them stashed away for some time now, then this video is for you. Enjoy!