Sunday, April 9, 2017

Making A Dreamcatcher Mobile

     Hello again! Let me share to you this project that took ages to complete LOL!  It began December last year when I decided to make use of a bunch of yellow feathers and yarn that was originally for a costume project that didn't push through in 2013.

    So in Divisoria I bought some beads, a roll of ribbon and rattan loops to make dreamcatchers that I intend hang as a mobile in my room.

     It actually took days before I started weaving the "webs",  It was quite easy and fun - therapeutic even. My dreadlock artist also make dreamcatchers and he sells them at his shop. I guess I learned how to do the weaving by just looking at one of his finished pieces  -  following where the string goes. Well I really don't have to teach you how it's done hehe you can always Google for tutorials.

     The first (and the smallest) of 5 pieces was completed after almost 2 months. It took a while before I could find a chord with the right shade of yellow. I even had to to replace the ribbon that is wrapped around the loops. I thought I can never go wrong with the colors by going monochromatic. But because they are all of different materials, the tone and vibrance of golden yellow varies and they seem to compete with each other when put together. I dunno maybe I'm just being OC haha!

       Originally, I had this design in mind for my dreamcatcher mobile. Then I realized  my ceiling is not high enough for this. Also, I will need longer sticks to achieve this balancing effect. So I thought of just hanging all 5 dreamcatchers in one branch that is, at the most, 1 meter long.

     Of course that perfect branch didn't show up sooner. I actually didn't know where to look. So my dreamcatchers just laid around for months while I was working on other stuff - you know, the ones that pay the bills hihi.

          Then last month, while walking around my village I saw a guava tree in a vacant lot. So I hurried home to get a saw hehe. I understand that it will take a year for this branch to be completely dry. But I just let it sit under the sun for a week to somehow get some moisture off.  Anyway,  I wrapped the branch with ribbon and attached "crystal" buds and flowers.

    So here's the finished product (after nearly 5 months), installed above my bed. I hope you like it.  I'll call this piece "New Beginnings". Such is given to us in every golden sunrise.

    Maybe I'll make another one - a big one for the wall that looks more organic, using indigenous materials. But before that, I'll make a green one as requested by a friend. ^_^

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Six Years of Bohemianism

Ahh March is here and that means this blog is now 6 years old. Not much posts last year (well 21 posts is not bad hehe). I remember back in 2011 when I created this blog, switched to being a freelancer, and started learning how to screen-print, I have a blog post almost everyday then.

     Now after 6 years, with more things to do, the time I have for some of the things I love doing goes to that which pay the bills (sounds familiar? hehe). But I have been trying to keep a good work-and-leisure balance. I say "work-and-leisure" instead of "work-and-life" because work is part of life. Work is that boring stuff that I do that has nothing to do with my creative and business goals haha! On the other hand, "leisure" for me includes the work I do for Buhay Bohemio aside from the personal creative work I do that gives me no profit (or at least no immediate profit).

    Actually 2016 was like a break period for Buhay Bohemio. After an exhausting order of prints late in 2015 by my dreadlock artist and friend Avhel a.k.a. Pinoy Dreadman, which severely clogged my silkscreen stencils, I decided to not print shirts for a while and just do computer graphic work for regular clients. Mid 2016 I started buying new inks that is less quick-drying. By August of the same year, I already started printing stocks of Buhay Bohemio shirts but was not ready to sell. I was only able to print size sets for 4 different designs, when my desk job started to pile up in the last quarter. So my apologies for all those un-replied inquiries! :- (

   Anyway, this year I am really determined to get back into printing on a regular basis. Last January I finally accepted printing 85 pieces of tops for Pinoy Dreadman (after waiting for a year). This time using slow-drying inks and with an assistant. Yup, finally an assistant. His name is Pol and we worked in the same jewelry-making company before. He'd like to try his hand on screen-printing too so I taught him all I know about printing multiple shirts with just one pressing table haha! Soon I will show him how to emulsify a screen and burn a design with a light box.

   And speaking of assistant, I already have another person to help me with my graphic work. Particularly for vector files needed for the monogrammed products of Customized Chic. Her name is Lani and she's a new mom who also would like to do freelancing work while taking care of her baby at the comfort of her home. Oh she's also an artist from the same jewelry company that I worked for haha small world! Well I'm certainly glad that my assistants are people that I know personally.

   So yeah I'm pretty excited for 2017. I feel that everything's slowly falling into place and I will have a lot of good things to talk about in this blog. I'd like to thank all my followers, both the visible and incognito, for finding the time to read  the stuff that I post here all these years. I really appreciate it! :-)  If you are more active on Instagram as I am,  you can follow me there too! Hihi ^ _ ^

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Art Watching At The
Art Fair Philippines 2017

  Hello my dear readers! Long time no post haha. You can probably guess why. Well I'm gonna try not to keep saying that I'm busy when the truth is that I'm just bad when it comes to managing my time hihi. Anyway, if you follow my Instagram you'd see that I have been printing shirts again, and I'm glad that I've finished a project just in time to see this year's Art Fair.

    I went to the Art Fair with my fashion designer friend Ronnie. That was last Saturday, February 18th, at The Link car park building. When we got there at 2 PM,  the line to the elevator was pretty long already and being inside the venue feels like being in a mall on a sale. You will really have to be patient, quick, and clever if you want to take a picture of a popular free-standing artwork without capturing somebody else's head or butt.

    Well even if you can't spend more than 60 seconds admiring an artwork up close to look at every minute detail, in consideration to the mob of phone-cam photographers, let's just be glad that more and more Filipinos are appreciating art - and that is good news to our local artists.

   Anyway, being a smartphone photographer myself hihi, I took photos of some interesting works and I'm sharing a few favorites here  in this post. Click the photo for a closer look.  Enjoy! ^_^

Deco - Deconstruction 2017. The first artwork that caught 
my eye. It's a print and I'm glad that digital art is finding 
it's way into galleries and art shows.

I just love this beadweaving by Karl Castro.

I'm not a fan of neon colors but this work is superb!
"Hyper Overdrive" by Jood Clarino

Looks familiar, right? The plastic bottle craft sold on sidewalks
has leveled up. "Green Wall" by Francis Commeyne.

I love everything about this painting. 
"Down Town" by John Paul Antido.