Monday, August 17, 2015

102 Irie Prints

    That's 40 pieces of men's shirts, 40 tank tops, 20 ladies' shirts and 2 windbreaker jackets, to be precise. All of these are for my dreadlock artist, Avhel, who runs a shop at Pavilion Mall near Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City. He used to order 20 to 30 pieces and it has been a while since he last ordered. So now he's  back with a vengeance and  it really got me occupied for over a month. I printed 5 days a week in the the daytime then worked on graphics for Customized Chic at night.

      Because of that I had to put aside some shirt orders by other friends and reluctantly ignored some online inquiries. Really sorry guys! :-( If only I had printed stocks then processing your orders would be a breeze. But to print stocks certainly won't be a breeze (especially in this humid weather). I kinda realize that while working on these items - it's gonna be the same scenario. To think this is just 8 to 12 pieces each of every 11 selected designs (7 of which has 3 print colors). Not only was it tedious but it's quite straining on the back and feet.

      Well you can very much see in the pictures that my press certainly isn't for mass production. I'm not really working my way to become a manufacturer, you know. I want BuhayBohemio to someday become a small-time but popular brand hehe. Yeah I like it small-time because if it's big-time then it wouldn't be bohemian. ^_^

    And so while my  body was in robot mode I was pondering on a better way to produce printed stocks. I'd either outsource  or hire an assistant. Or maybe hire someone to do most of the work while I assist and supervise. Of course each of the options has its pros and cons, and naturally, the easiest option is usually the most expensive...  Well I really don't have to come to a decision right away, even if the -ber months are closing in. *sigh*

    Anyway I'm just glad I'm done with this project. Tiring as it was, yet it was something to be irie about. After all, work is a blessing from Jah. ^_^

     So I'm gonna rest for a couple of days maybe, then start printing the first 30 pieces of customized souvenir shirts that will give me a chance to see El Nido, Palawan someday. I'll tell you about it soon. ^_^

Friday, July 17, 2015

Worn-out Wheels Replaced
    And so finally I get to replace the tires of my old bike. I have not replaced them since I got the bike in 2001! It took a while before I could find the sizes that I need (front:18, rear:15). There aren't any in the shops here in the Southern part of the Metro and I had to ride all the way to Manila for these Shinko tires. Many thanks to Lito of Triumph JT Marketing who had one of the tires brought to the Manila branch from Caloocan City.

    The two tires are not from the same model series but at least they seem to have a similar tread pattern. Cost me Php 6,200 *sigh* hehe. They don't look like old-timer wheels but they will have to  do. I really don't have a choice. Like if I find a nice classic tread on the catalog for the rear wheel, the size for the front is not available. Actually I'd like a knobby type just like what I see on some real WW2 army motorcycles. But they say it's not advisable for street use. Well, the needed sizes are not available anyway.

   So now that my bike has new tires I hope I find the time to retouch the paint and add a more 3-dimensional rust texture. Also of course I hope get to go riding out of town again - often!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Breaking News

     Just when my little business has achieved  BREAK-even, some of my stuff are now  BREAKING down and it BREAKS my heart to get my piggy bank BROKEN and spend for repairs and replacements. Now I am BROKE.  LOL!

     Don't worry, folks. Though bohemianism involves voluntary poverty, I don't think I'll end up famished. My God-given talents will save me from that.

      But I really did make some major spending since May. I spent a total of  Php 6,000 on motorcycle repair and maintenance. I am yet to shell out around Php 5,000 for a new pair of tires. Two weeks ago I swiped my credit card to buy a new laptop that's about Php 33,000. You know the story of my old lappy that today is just like a CPU (with an external monitor and keyboard, and a battery that doesn't work anymore). Now it is running low on disk space and memory.

     I'm also running low on table space haha. So I'm gonna buy a 2nd hand table that's long and shallow so I can finally put the two lappies next to each other and transfer files and install programs while I continue working.

    You know what? One of my regular clients, the one I design monograms for, donated Php 5,000 for my new laptop. It really is very very kind of her! She also gave me her old scanner-printer last Christmas. When my long table gets here I'll finally get to unwrap that gift hehe.

    Anyway, this is how it really is. Material things wear and tear. You need to spend money to make more money. More money is good. But for me more money meant less time for other things. Well someday, there will be enough money to hire other people to do the work and that would mean more time for me to do art that is more to my liking. Someday...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Enchantress: A Solo Exhibit
by Camille Dela Rosa

      Last Friday I went to Art Underground gallery in Mandaluyong City to check out an exhibit by my cousin Camille. Yup, artistic talent runs in the family hehe. But she's really a distant cousin  from my dad's maternal relatives.

Beauty runs in the family too. LOL That's my cousin Camille.
    This is actually her 20th solo exhibit. She's about 10 years younger than I am and she did far more paintings than I have ever done before I hit 30. Well she started quite young. Made her first painting at the age of 16 with the love and support of her artist mom, who is my tita, Ethel Dimacuha; and of course with the creativity chromosomes passed down to her by her dad, the known painter Ibarra Dela Rosa.

    Through the years she tried her hands on different genres. I remember that she also adapter her father's style that is like the hybrid of Fauvism, impressionism, and pointillism. Then she shifted to what I would call anatomical surrealism.

      This time in her latest collection, a series of 13 paintings in oil, she again demonstrated her skill in painting realistic figures. The faces of each enchantress are finely done, capturing the beauty that charms the viewer to come closer as if by some kind of spell. 

The Fulfiment of Each, 38" x 46" oil on canvas
     Each painting is a portrait of a lady and the realm that she rules over. They are windows to  surreal worlds where everything seem to be floating, suspended or frozen. Worlds that are mysterious and fathomless, just as the imagination of the artist who created it.

Endless Beginning, 48" x 60" oil on canvas
That Each May Be Greater, 36" x 36" oil on canvas
Aeon Of The Pleroma, 36" x 48" oil on canvas

Friday, June 5, 2015

Suddenly, a Portrait Project

    It has been a while since I worked on a digital painting. My last project was in December last year and that was for a client who usually orders a lot of family portraits that she give as gifts. She ordered 15 portraits and that surely gave me a lot of stress before the holidays hehe.

    And since then I haven't really done anything about this other business of mine. I didn't market it or start working on the official website that I had been meaning to create. I dunno, maybe I just took a break from it, or because I was upset that one of my print suppliers ran out of my preferred printable canvas that's thick and matte. I just hate their glossy canvas - not really because it's glossy but because it's dirty. They have little spots! Trouble is, this particular supplier will not order a new roll of matte canvas until the glossy one is completely  consumed. Though  I do have other print suppliers but each of them have issues. So you see, this business of mine is dependent on these printers and don't have the millions to buy my own large-format printer and import rolls of canvas. *sigh*

   Anyway, a week before the end of May, I received an email about an inquiry on my art services. This lady, Madam Peri, wanted to blow up a family photo as a birthday present for her mom who's in her 80's. But she doesn't just want a big photo. She wants an image that is artfully done. And she's pretty much aware that there is such a thing as digital paintings. So she seached the web and found me through my blog. Thank you, Google! hehe.

  So after nearly a 6-month break, an art project came and it was a little grand. It's framed portrait of 11 people with a print size of 45" x 28". With the frame it's 52" x 35" and I had to transport it from Manila to Alabang ( client's from BF Homes ) on public transportation. I felt I was delivering a knock-down table or a small door!

   Anyway, the artwork was delivered safely and I did enjoy a good chit-chat with my client over coffee. Thanks, Madam Peri!

To see the original photo, hover the mouse cursor over the image below, click on the image for a closer look at the artwork.

   Portraits make a wonderful gift. If you want to have a photo converted to art, message me! ^_^