Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sceen Printing Blunders :
Damaged Stencil

I washed off the black ink from the screen and noticed that it stained the screen (which was natural) but I think I saw clogged areas that I couldn't remove by just pressured water and soap, so I searched for what to do at There's a product called screen opener that actually solves the problem but I'm not sure if it's available here. I've read that some use lacquer thinner to remove the dried-up ink and so I tried it.

It think I got the clog off (if they are actually clogged), as well as the stains, and I got part of the stencil rubbed off too. Crap! I didn't even get to print on an actual shirt!

At least the new Pinoy Blogger designed was successfully burned tonight. I guess Fitz will wear only that design on the event, if the design ever reached shirt-hood.

Screen Printing Start-up :
Test Printing

This morning was the first time to use ink. I used black ink on the Food Blogger icons design and I tried printing (like how I was taught in my tutorials last year) on a piece of gray fabric. I printed again on another area of the fabric and examined both prints.

The first one had the small details blotted out because of too much ink. I remember applying some amount of pressure when I printed it. The second, on the other hand, where I applied just a little pressure, had the fine lines maintained but some black areas are not solid enough.

I used a special kind of squeegee which I bought from TULCO. The rubber on it is a bit hard, compared to the ones you buy at National Bookstore. I learned from a youtube video that hard squeegees deposit less ink, and softer ones deposit more. Maybe I should also buy a soft squeegee and compare it's pressure effects with that from a hard squeegee.

Well, I'm done with stencil making and now on the second stage of the screen printing process. I still have so much to learn!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Friend Brings an Opportunity

I had a phone call from a long time friend of mine. I've met Raul in college. We both took up architecture and after we graduated he pursued a career in interior design. He's currently doing a project way far out of town and he called me up because he's a bit bored there Mindoro.

I told him that I finally left the family business, and again as he always does, tried to convince me to go back to the building industry and work with him. He always believed in my potential in interior design but I have always been reluctant to take another shot. Maybe I'll write about it someday.

Anyway I told him that I intend to start my own business and I'm trying out screen printing. He paused for a second and said he'd like to start his own business too. "Why not start a business together?'', he asked with an enthusiastic tone. "What business?" I asked. Then he came up with an idea.

Raul has been designing interiors for many high-end recreational establishments (i. e., KTVs, spas, casinos, bars). He recommends all the artwork and accents that will decorate a space. Any item he suggest, more often than not, gets approved by his clients. And me, on the other hand, has experience designing decors for exporting companies. I've done items made of wood, glass, wrought iron, resin, ceramic, and indigenous materials. So he proposed that we, as partners, design the decors that will be used on his ongoing projects and have them manufactured by sub-contractors.

Sounds like a good idea. We're gonna talk about this more soon when he comes back to Manila.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
1st Successful Burning

I burned a design on emulsion tonight. It was successful! I did the Food Blogger icons design. I examined the stencil and realized that there are some lines that I should have made thicker. But it will do for now.

I also burned the Pinoy Blogger label cloud design and failed. I somehow expected it. The emulsified screen I used on it had issues. When I took it from the closet I saw a piece of tissue stuck on the squeegee side. It's a tissue issue! I didn't notice the damn thing where I've placed the screen - it was dark! I removed the emulsion from the bad area with lacquer thinner and applied new emulsion again. I also applied emulsion on a new screen in case the salvaged screen failed. And it did fail.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Man Who Nailed Da Vinci :
Saimir Strati

Did the title of this post startle you? Well you see, if other artists used paint, Saimir Strati used nails to re-create a self portrait of Da Vinci.

The Albanian artist used nearly 400 kilos of industrial nails hammered on a 2 x 4 meter surface to make this portrait, which is my favorite of all his works. The technique resembles a giant pinhead sculpture toy, where the various height of the nails create a sparkling 3D image.

Saimir not only used nails. He has used wine corks and toothpicks. Read more about him and see some of his Guinness World Record works here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flickr Finds :
Okinawa Soba's Photostream

While browsing for interesting pictures at flickr, I came across Okinawa Soba's collection of really old photographs (early 1900's) from around the world - including Philippines.

What's really interesting are the sets of old stereoview photographs. Such pictures produce a 3D effect when viewed in a stereoscope (that's like today's View Master).

You can actually see the 3D effect without a stereograph. Try looking at the pictures above as like looking at those 3D puzzles we have today, you know, those heavily patterned images that creates a 3D image if you stare at it long enough. The technique is to focus your eye on the picture then focus your eyes as if you are looking beyond the picture (like the wall behind your monitor).

But of course with a stereograph you will see a correctly rendered orthoscopic scene. Meaning, viewed in the same apparent size and perspective as if you were actually there.

Ilustraciones Sorprendentes :
Works by Gabriel Moreno

A friend of mine shared a link to a web page full of awesome illustrations by Gabriel Moreno. I instantly became a fan! The artist is based in Madrid and he has worked with many national agencies and a lot of national and international publications.

In his website you will find illustrations that he has done for brands like Coke, Mahou, Repsol, and Marlboro, just to name a few. Also some works from his debut portfolio in 2007, and pieces from his solo exhibition in 2009 entitled More Than Illustration.

His style reminds me of illustrations popular in the 70's where figures are merged together, arranged as if they are morphing from one to the other, creating a flow or a trail of lines, people, shapes, and colors.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
2nd Step Test

Did the second step wedge test tonight. And here's the result: Areas exposed for 4 mins 20 secs and below have washed out edges. Areas exposed for 4 min 40 secs, up to 7 minutes are all good with sharp edges and corners with no discernible physical differences between the various exposure lengths. I would assume that washing the unwanted parts of the 7-minute area took a little more time than the rest of the areas.

So 5 to 7 minutes of exposure give good results. I think 6 minutes is safe. 5 minutes might not be enough to burn very small intricate details. And washing unwanted parts of such details might be difficult if exposed for 7 minutes.
So that's it - 6 minutes will be my exposure time. If you would recall, I burned the same type of emulsion (March 19) for 6 minutes and it was over exposed. I guess it was because the film positive I used was a print-out on plain white paper. Well, no more paper for me.

Finally I can enjoy the weekend. I'll burn the Pinoy Blogger label cloud design on Monday. ^_^

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
1st Step Test

My bike repairs are done. Had it tuned up, the oil changed, new spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, lubed cables and chains, plus the pick-up charge - a whopping P6,500! I hope my parents would reimburse.

Anyways, I did my first step wedge test tonight. This time I had my pattern printed on tracing paper. I did 12 different exposure time lengths, moving the blocking paper every 20 seconds until I have a longest exposure time of 4 minutes. When I removed the film there's not even a hint of the pattern on the emulsion and that made me nervous. I took the screen out and hosed it. Nothing showed up after 5 seconds of washing, then suddenly parts of the stencil started to appear and it got me excited. Finally a spark of hope!
So the parts that are exposed for 20 seconds to 3 minutes got completely washed out. Areas exposed for 3 minutes to 4 minutes are still not good - edges and corners get washed off. I'm gonna make another test soon. This time with starting at 3 mins 20 secs of exposure time up to 7 minutes.

Farewell Elizabeth Taylor

Rest in peace, violet-eyed legend Liz Taylor. I will always remember your great performance as Cleopatra.

My favorite scene of course is when gloriously you entered rome.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ink-credible Byroglyphics

I am very much inspired by the artworks on shared by a friend on facebook. I just love the grungy look produced by the mix of ink blots and smudges, with sketches of people and elements from nature. Click on the image below to see more cool works.

The British artist Russ Mills, loves sketching with his cheap ball point pens (Brits call them biro pens, pronounced as bairow) and he calls his art "byroglyphics". He has worked as a freelance illustrator with numerous clients in publishing and entertainment. Recently he's more into solo exhibits and he has had his works displayed in several art shows in London and Bristol and group in shows in the U.S.

I think I'd like a portrait of myself in this style. Hmm... maybe this grungy style would look good on a shirt. Of course the blots and smudges has to be simplified for it to be screenprint friendly. ^_^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Repairing my Big Bike

I was in mechanic mode this morning. I finally got the gas tank of my big bike back from repairs (had an accident - overshot a curve and dented the tank). It has almost been a month! I had it repaired from a shop in Cavite where my brother brings the company's trucks for maintenance. They obviously didn't prioritize my gas tank. I can't complain anyway, the company paid for it.

The tube connecting the gas tank to the engine was torn and I couldn't find a bent rubber tube similar to my bike's at the nearby stores. Luckily I found one here in the garage while digging through my brother's junk.

My problem didn't end there. I discovered that the battery was drained. I forgot to disconnect the terminals while it was not in use. I brought it to my mechanic friend James Saulog in Las PiƱas City to have it charged but I've learned that the battery was dead (and I just bought it last December.) Darn. That's another P1,200!

With a new battery, I went home and tried to start the bike. And, as expected, my 21 year old bike again showed signs of its age. The bike still won't start. This has always been it's problem when not used for more than a couple of weeks. My biker friends always tell me to replace it and get a newer bike. But sentimental me just won't let it go. Not affording to upgrade also reinforced its keeping. Got the bike as a gift from my parents in 2005. I use to ride it everyday, before I worked for the family business in Cavite. That bike has done a lot for me. It not only gave me mobility but also character, esteem and good friends.
My motorcycle is a Honda CB1 (my second bike). It's a 400CC bike that is not manufactured anymore. 10 more years and this bike's gonna be a memorabilia hehe. I just hope it still runs by that time. Oh well, I'm just gonna have it picked up tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday's Eve
at The Peninsula Manila

The night before my birthday I went out for dinner with some friends (who didn't know it's my birthday the next day). We were all bored that night. Well, they were bored, and I on the other hand was trying not to think about the disappointments of the day. We'd usually just hang out at Starbucks and talk, heckle and laugh. But that night there were no seats available in our favorite branch.

The strong desire to be in someplace different led us to the Peninsula Manila hotel. I suggested it, actually. We did the talking, heckling and laughing over each of our P200+ cup of coffee in their grand lobby. It has been 2 years since I last sat in that place. It was nice to see again the Sunburst sculpture on the ceiling and the two gigantic tapestry artwork, while listening to live music from a quartet playing at the mezzanine.

By midnight, while my friends were busy checking in on foursquare through their mobile phones, I sat back and stared at the lofty ceiling. It is my birthday and I usually take a moment to reflect - thinking about how far I've gone or how far behind I am. Thirty six years old, twenty days of being jobless, with savings that's not even close to half a million pesos, living with my parents in an unkempt old house, hoping to be self-employed in the field of art and design. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? I'll be alright I guess.

"Hey! It's your birthday!" yelled one of my friends who found out through facebook mobile. And so the heckling continued, concentrating on me. We went to the Midnight Mercato at Global City to grab a less pricey bite and went home around 3 AM.

At noon, my birthday was celebrated with a simple family get-together for lunch at Racks, Festival Mall. I like it simple. And my wish is that the challenges of this new life of mine will stay simple.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Screen Printing : The Step Test

I also discovered this thing called the step wedge test on youtube. It is a method where you can determine the exact exposure time for the type of emulsion and the type of lamps/bulbs that you use. In the test you burn onto the emulsion an image on your film positive (a print out of a pattern, i.e. a series of lines, dots or text) like the regular burning process. Only you gradually expose portions of the emulsion by moving a piece of opaque paper (placed under the screen to block light) every a constant number of seconds. So as you do this process the emulsion is exposed in different lengths of time.

For example, if you repeat it 6 times every 20 seconds, the the first area that you exposed is exposed for 2 minutes, the next is 1 min 40 secs, next is 1 min 20 secs, next is 1 min, then 40 secs, and the last for 20 seconds.

When you remove the film positive and wash the screen with pressured water, you will observe that some areas will be completely washed off (under exposed) while others areas will produce a stencil (good exposure) and other areas will not wash off at all (over exposed). Take note of the exposure time of each area. Look for the area that has perfectly copied the pattern from the film - the exposure time used on that area will be the the correct exposure time for everything that you used on the test (type of emulsion; material of film, the quality of the black printer ink; the type, number and wattage of the lamps, and also the distance of the lamps from the screen).

I hope I explained it clearly here.

Anyways, I designed my own pattern for the step wedge test. I'll have it printed on tracing paper and do the test maybe after a couple of days. It's a Saturday night and I want to put this project and all the disappointments aside. I wasn't a worry-free birthday tomorrow.

Screen Pinting Blunders :
2nd Burning Failure

I tried the lacquer thinner to reclaim one of my screens this morning. It did remove the emulsion faster than bleach but it wasn't fast enough for me. Lacquer thinner dries quickly so I had to place it under running water after a few seconds to prevent the tiny disintegrated emulsion from sticking onto the screen mesh again. It's no good. I ended up with a messy screen and that was the first disappointment of the day.

The second disappointment came after a few hours, shortly after I tried burning a design onto the new emulsion. It was another case of over-exposure. Aquasol emulsion cures faster than diazo emulsion, Bicky said. So I exposed the emulsion for 6 minutes instead of the 8-minute minimum exposure time of my light box (as specified by the maker). The 25% less exposure time I did was just a guess and obviously, I guessed wrong.

I texted Fritz and told him about the fail and apologized for not being able to produce the shirts by April 1st anymore. He said it was okay because there will be a chance to sell shirts on another blogger event on mid April. Well that's a bit of relief.

Battling my discouragement, I went online and checked out (still can't register) for sources of reclaiming fluid. Luckily, after persevering search I found one - a store named MultiPrint which is also located along Aurora Blvd in Quezon City. According to the forum member who used the product, he sprays the reclaiming solution on the emulsified screen and let it sit for a while. The emulsion comes off instantly when he washes it with water from a garden hose.

That's exactly what I need!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Back to the TULCO Store

Okay so I tried to get rid of the emulsion on one screen this morning. I tried using bleach - poured it on one area and let it sit for a while then I brushed it under running water. The emulsion did come off after long strenuous brushing. No good. It will take an hour's work before I can get all the emulsion off. Replacing the entire screen is much easier. I tried vinegar too (read about it in the forums). Nothing happened.

So at noon I headed for the TULCO store at QC. I had to commute this time because my big bike is under repairs (had a motorcycle accident 2 weeks ago, caused a big dent on the gas tank). Took a bus to Quirino Avenue, LRT to Doroteo Jose Station, then LRT2 to V. Mapa Station. That was actually my first time to ride LRT2. The TULCO Store is just infront of SM Sta. Mesa along Aurora Blvd.

And there was Bicky again. She recommended to me the Tulco Aquasol ER emulsion which is pre-mixed with sensitizer, faster curing time, has a 2 year shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. I bought two 1/4 kilo containers at P170 each. I asked her if they have any reclaiming chemical and she said that I just use their lacquer thinner. So I bought two 350 ml bottles at Php 60 each. To remove the emulsion, she said, I would put thinner on two pieces of cloth then rub both sides of the screen at the same time in small alternating circular motion. I also learned from her that they have a dealer of their products in Binondo, Manila, which is closer from my city. The store name is KIMCO and she gave me the contact numbers.

I went home taking another route - jeepney from Aurora Blvd to EDSA. Then took a bus going straight to Alabang, which was a wrong decision. I should have taken the MRT in EDSA because buses wait at the stops in Ortigas and Ayala. So that was a 3-hour ride going home.

Back at home I applied the new emulsion on my 4th screen before I went to bed. It was a tiring but an adventurous day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Woke up late and the first thing I saw today are the ruined screens that are placed across my bed. I texted Fitz and embarrassingly told him about the failed burning. He said it was okay and I will get it right soon. I do want to believe that I will get it right soon. Why not? It may not be as simple as I thought it would be but if other people can do it, so can I.

But today I decided put aside the silk screen project for a moment. I will just go back to Quezon City and buy new emulsion tomorrow. The type that is pre-mixed and has a longer shelf life like the one I've read about on

I wanted to be productive as I could in these unemployed days. So I replaced the worn out valves of the water closet in our banyo. Those valves had been broken for like a month but no one bothered to have it fixed. And there's a lot of fixing to do here in this 30-something year old house where my parents and I are left to live in. There bulbs that needs to be replaced, broken appliances and furniture that has to be thrown out, and roof leaks that has to be repaired (No, I'm not gonna do all that).I guess the people here are bad house keepers. But mind you, my old people are not lazy. In fact they are the grinding, DIY kind of people. They are both busy running the family business (with my younger brother) and other more important things of everyday life. And so a tidy, well maintained and nicely decorated house is not a priority anymore.

It's really frustrating for me - being an architecture graduate yet I can't even beautify our own home. I'll just let this all be. When my chosen path leads me to financial prosperity I will have my own space to beautify.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Screen Printing Blunders :
1st Burning Failure

I tried burning one of the designs on an emulsified screen tonight. My light box, which I got from my screen printing tutorial, is designed for 8 to 10 minutes of exposure. A print-out of the design serves as the film positive. Using acetate is the best, though expensive, because it is transparent. Vellum or tracing paper is translucent and is much cheaper than acetate. But I don't have tracing paper yet so I just used ordinary paper as what my instructor did.

After the burning time of 10 minutes I looked at the emulsion in the dim light of my room and saw no impression of the design on it. I took the frame outside and blasted it with water using a garden hose. If it were a successful burning, the emulsion blocked by the black ink of the print out should be left uncured and be washed off with water. But it didn't.
No emulsion was washed out - it was a completely cured. That could only mean that it was over exposed to light. So I tried burning another screen, this time for just 8 minutes. The same thing happened and it made me upset. I called my instructor but he was out of reach. Then I went online and checked out, a website he told me about before, to find out where I went wrong. I tried registering but their Solve Media (device for preventing spam robots) is faulty - no image appears. Even sending a message to the admin requires Solve Media. How can anyone register? Anyways, I could still search and browse the forums without registering.

So there I learned that the type of emulsion that I used (diazo), which came in the package of my tutorial last year, has a short shelf life and has to be stored in a refrigerator! I also learned in the that some emulsions are pre-mixed with sensitizer (chemical that makes the emulsion sensitive to light). I really don't remember my instructor telling me this important information - and that upsets me more.

I'm aware that screens can be reclaimed (can be removed of emulsion for reuse) so I searched the forums if a special fluid is available. I've read that some people use bleach to reclaim screens, others use lacquer thinner. But in a forum cluttered with posts that has nothing to do with the subject of reclaiming, I couldn't find the effective way of how it is done.

So I have 3 ruined screens and 16 days until April 1. There's nothing much I can do tonight. I might as well call it a night.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Making the Pallets

There's a factory near our village that makes foam mattresses and mono-block furniture. Uratex has a retail outlet in their factory and I went there to buy foam for the cushioned pallets that I will be using in screen printing.

Their store's got more than just foam mattresses and plastic furniture. They have special pillows, simple sofa beds, kiddie couches, pet beds, plastic drawers and racks, and even some wall and table top decor. My favorite is the red cube ottoman.

You can buy pure foam. Just specify the size and they'll cut them for you while you wait. I bought a 55" x 45" sheet that is half an inch thick for around P60. That's enough to make my six cushions.

Then I bought linoleum (flooring material) in a nearby palengke and bought two and a half yards for P180. The linoleum is also for the cushions - to cover the foam. I finished making the cushions before the day ended.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Stretching the Screens

I stretched screens on six frames this afternoon and applied emulsion (Tuclo Japan diazo-type) on three screens when evening came. Putting emulsion has to be done in low light. I used a small flashlight, placed it on the table with the light directed towards the ceiling. That gave me a soft dim light enough for me to see what I was doing. Afterwards I stored the emulsified screens in the closet to protect it from bright light. ^_^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Best Screen Printing Vids on Youtube

Sadly, there are no screen printing videos on youtube made by Pinoys. It would have been very helpful if someone demonstrates to you the process in your own language and recommend the best screen printing supply brands that are available here.

So far the best videos I've seen about screen printing are those made by Catspit Productions. The tutor Jonathan, from Arizona, has over 20 years of experience in manual and automatic screen printing. He has over 50 videos about the different aspects of the screen printing process. Some of the videos are like 9 minutes long. He does a lot of talking and that is good. There really is so much to say. I learned a lot from this guy.

Below is his synopsis video.

You'll find an interesting story about the Catspit name in their website. There's a cartoon cat there that you can play with - it reacts to your mouse pointer. Cute!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today I tagged along with my parents to our warehouse in Cavite (my former workplace). I brought all the cut wood with me. They have an employee there who use to do carpentry for them and I asked my Mom to let him assemble the rest of the frames for me.

While he worked on the frames I got back on finalizing the print designs. Of course, the frames were all done in a few hours. Saved me money and valuable time.
It feels a bit awkward though, me not working for them anymore but was there using company resources. But anyway it is a family business and I am no prodigal son. Letting me go without a fight is an indication that they understand that I need to find my path and I'm thankful for this simple form of support.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Making the Wood Frames

I bought wood today. Seven pieces of 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 10" wood at P120 each, which makes 10 pieces of 17" x 22" frames which fits the printing board I got from my tutorial last year. I also bought a 4' x 8' x 1/4" plywood for the cushioned pallets (that will be placed inside the shirts and be fitted on the printing board) the entire plywood can make 10 pallets but I'll just make 6 for now.

I did all the sawing the entire afternoon and and only got to assemble one frame by the evening.

God Bless Japan

Friday, March 11, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
A Visit at the TULCO Store

I went to visit a screen printing store today in Quezon City with Fitz and Don, another long time friend of mine who drove for us. The store TULCO, recommended to me by my instructor, makes their own brand of inks, chemicals and tools. It's a one-stop shop for screen printing stuff. Their store personnel are quite friendly and helpful especially Bicky, who avidly answered most of our questions about their products.

I bought 2 meters of 120-mesh screen (the number used for a moderately intricate designs), a 1/4 kilo container of opaque white ink, a small bottle of fixer (used for improving the ink's washing fastness), a special kind of squeegee that is designed for comfortable handling - which was quite pricey ( 13" long for P643.50 ). Spent P1,070 for everything.

After that we went to Divisoria and checked out the shirt stores along Juan Luna street. The street is flanked with suppliers of plain colored round necked and collared shirts. A size medium plain white round necked shirt here cost around P65. Light colored shirt of the same size cost around P70 and dark colored shirts cost around P75. Cool huh? The price of one plain colored shirt that you buy in a mall can buy three shirts of the same quality here in Divisoria. I think I'll buy one of every color that I like when I come back.

It was a productive day. Fitz and I are excited about our project. ^_^

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Buying Some Tools

Today I looked for a hardware store near my area where I could buy wood for the silk screen frames. I also went to Ace Hardware and bought tools I will be using for my shirt printing project. That includes a small saw and hammer, nails, staple wires and stapler gun, thumb tacks, wood glue, small tri square, 2 clamps, spray adhesive, double sided tape, packaging tape, and a kitchen timer. Cost me around P1,400.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spent the past two days designing the Label Cloud series on Coreldraw. Each label has to be placed in such a way that is still readable even if some letters are partially seen. The design is quite simple but all the text kinda worries me. I hope I can make them all show up on the stencil, complete with sharp edges and corners.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I presented the the designs of blogger shirts tonight to Fitz and he liked them all. Of the 5 concepts we chose to produce the Labels Cloud and Icons which will be applied to 5 kinds of bloggers: Pinoy Blogger, Food Blogger, Travel blogger, Photo Blogger, and Tech Blogger.

He did the math on the quantity per size and per design and came up with a total of 200 shirts. So I'll be producing 200 shirts in 24 days. I'm a bit nervous about it. He said that I just go and produce what I can, starting with Pinoy Blogger and Food Blogger designs and he will just sell online the other designs that doesn't make it to the event. Sounds good.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bohemian Like You

When I told my friend Pontiff that I was going bohemian, he said that this song by The Dandy Warhols should be my theme song. I think its pretty cool. Why not?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saving Money
While Enjoying a Bohemian Life

While searching for a better understanding of bohemianism, I stumbled upon a really nice post by Elisha Webster Emerson in her blog My Inconvenient Body. I like how she described bohemian culture being equivalent to "glorified poverty". In her post she shares how she accepted a life of possible poverty when she made the decision to pursue a writer’s life bereft a “real job”.

Over the years she has "perfected the art of poverty" and she created a list of 10 ways to bohemian happiness (or how to save money like you enjoy it). Click on the note below to read more about her tips. ^_^

Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Gonna Do Screen Printing

Hung out with peers tonight at Starbucks, Madrigal Avenue in Alabang. I spoke to a friend of mine about my plans. His name is Fitz. He's a full time blogger and he maintains 3 blogs:, a beverage blog;, a food blog; and his award winning blog about personal finance, He's got the talent for making money so I usually ask him about business matters.

Learning that I took silk screen printing lessons last year, and now having lots of extra time, he suggested that I make shirts that we could sell in a blogger summit where he will be speaking. He though of shirts that says "Pinoy Blogger" and "Food Blogger" and the like. The event is on the 1st of April and that gives me almost a month to produce the shirts.

Why not? Sounds easy. With this opportunity, I decided to do shirt printing first over digital portraiture. After all, the cost of starting a shirt printing business is a lot less than starting a photography business where a basic DSLR camera alone would cost around P30,000.

So I will be designing some shirts and present them to Fitz on Sunday. ^_^

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is my second day of being a bum. Woke up a bit late than usual. Mom doesn't wake me up for me to get ready for work anymore (yup I still live with my parents) but she still prepared breakfast for me and my lunch was waiting in the fridge ready for microwave. It was 10 AM and I was all alone at home.

I sat for a moment to think about what to do today. I thought of my plans, the creative endeavors that I hope someday would be my bread n' butter. Among many things, I've been vacillating between two - shirt printing and digital photography. There is a lot to consider. Which is easier? Which is more expensive to start? Which has a bigger market?

Then I realized I was sitting on the couch for almost an hour procrastinating.

Still undecided. But I wanted to be productive today. So I took a pack of threads that I bought months ago at Daiso ( 28 colors on spools and bobbins for P88 ) and with Mom's old Singer sewing machine I altered almost all of my shirts to fit me perfectly. Took me the entire day. ^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About the Author

     "Walang pera sa Fine Arts (There's no money in Fine Arts)", said my parents when I told them what I wanted to take in college. So instead I studied Architecture and graduated in 1996.

      I never get to design for an architectural firm. But I've worked as a store planner, a visual display artist, and a furniture designer. I've also designed housewares and decor, fashion accessories and jewelry, and even graphic media. All under different companies in the span of 9 years.

    Then I got tired of designing - for non-creative bosses, for companies with limited facilities that put restrictions to a designer's creativity, for those who expected more but provided less.

     In 2007 I worked as an office clerk in my father's distributor company and lived a carefree life for 3 years. I became weary and found no fulfillment in what I do. I realized, an artist like me lives to create.

     So here I am now in a journey. Discovering along the way to a place where a sustainable relationship exists between my art, my talents, and myself. Sacrifices have been made to get there. I've left my comfort zone, turned my back on a financially convenient life in the pursuit of my goals as a self-employed artist.

    This indeed is the bohemian life.

This Blog's Very First Post

Hi there! This is a newly created blog. You probably stumbled upon this web page by accident, since nobody knows about this yet. I hope you like the design anyway. My html knowledge is quite limited so customizing this took me hours of trial n' error. Well so far, I'm glad it turned out how I wanted it to be. So, welcome to my online notebook! ^_^

This blog is created on the first day of March - the day my resignation takes effect. Yup, I just quit my job. It wasn't an easy decision. Leaving the family business gives you feelings of guilt, plus with today's economy where you hear about high unemployment rates and inflation makes you worry about the future.

So why did I quit? To follow my passion. I want my life to revolve entirely around creativity. By that I mean I want to make use of my talents and make a living out of it - my way. This is, naturally, what every artist or designer aspire. But not all the many talented Filipinos are able to do this.

Well I'm gonna take a shot. I'm aware of the rough road that I must travel to get to where I want to be. I chose to leave my all-expense-paid comfort zone for the artistic life. This indeed is the bohemian lifestyle.