Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About the Author

     "Walang pera sa Fine Arts (There's no money in Fine Arts)", said my parents when I told them what I wanted to take in college. So instead I studied Architecture and graduated in 1996.

      I never get to design for an architectural firm. But I've worked as a store planner, a visual display artist, and a furniture designer. I've also designed housewares and decor, fashion accessories and jewelry, and even graphic media. All under different companies in the span of 9 years.

    Then I got tired of designing - for non-creative bosses, for companies with limited facilities that put restrictions to a designer's creativity, for those who expected more but provided less.

     In 2007 I worked as an office clerk in my father's distributor company and lived a carefree life for 3 years. I became weary and found no fulfillment in what I do. I realized, an artist like me lives to create.

     So here I am now in a journey. Discovering along the way to a place where a sustainable relationship exists between my art, my talents, and myself. Sacrifices have been made to get there. I've left my comfort zone, turned my back on a financially convenient life in the pursuit of my goals as a self-employed artist.

    This indeed is the bohemian life.


  1. your on the right track man. stay happy!

  2. Thanks, man! Let's all follow our passion!

  3. Just found your blog and love it.. Bless up!

  4. I'm glad you do, Thereza! Thanks and God bless!

  5. Hi Chris.. Im a silent reader of your blog. Ive been reading your post since last year and I really enjoy tracking your travel adventures, DIY and your passion for art. I'm also a blogger and an art lover just like you who is open for adventures. Reading your blog made me realize even though I dont have dreads nor wear gypsy style clothing, all of us have the "bohemian vibe" inside of us. It is the spirit that dictates us to enjoy and looking at the brighter side of the simple life that we tend to overlook. I was also backtracking your posts during the past weeks and read that you have chosen to live your passion - well I admire you for that since it takes a lot of courage to do your passion. Thank you and keep inspiring more people!!!

    @ebencipe (IG) (blog)

  6. Hi Ben! Well thanks for following my blog and it's really nice of you to drop a message. I'm always glad to hear from someone who was inspired by what I do. You know what they say - you only live once. Not everybody has the courage, let alone the chance to follow their heart/passion/dreams. So yeah, just go for it! I hope you find your way to the modeling industry. All the best for you!!