Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Gonna Do Screen Printing

Hung out with peers tonight at Starbucks, Madrigal Avenue in Alabang. I spoke to a friend of mine about my plans. His name is Fitz. He's a full time blogger and he maintains 3 blogs:, a beverage blog;, a food blog; and his award winning blog about personal finance, He's got the talent for making money so I usually ask him about business matters.

Learning that I took silk screen printing lessons last year, and now having lots of extra time, he suggested that I make shirts that we could sell in a blogger summit where he will be speaking. He though of shirts that says "Pinoy Blogger" and "Food Blogger" and the like. The event is on the 1st of April and that gives me almost a month to produce the shirts.

Why not? Sounds easy. With this opportunity, I decided to do shirt printing first over digital portraiture. After all, the cost of starting a shirt printing business is a lot less than starting a photography business where a basic DSLR camera alone would cost around P30,000.

So I will be designing some shirts and present them to Fitz on Sunday. ^_^

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