Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Making the Pallets

There's a factory near our village that makes foam mattresses and mono-block furniture. Uratex has a retail outlet in their factory and I went there to buy foam for the cushioned pallets that I will be using in screen printing.

Their store's got more than just foam mattresses and plastic furniture. They have special pillows, simple sofa beds, kiddie couches, pet beds, plastic drawers and racks, and even some wall and table top decor. My favorite is the red cube ottoman.

You can buy pure foam. Just specify the size and they'll cut them for you while you wait. I bought a 55" x 45" sheet that is half an inch thick for around P60. That's enough to make my six cushions.

Then I bought linoleum (flooring material) in a nearby palengke and bought two and a half yards for P180. The linoleum is also for the cushions - to cover the foam. I finished making the cushions before the day ended.

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