Friday, March 11, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
A Visit at the TULCO Store

I went to visit a screen printing store today in Quezon City with Fitz and Don, another long time friend of mine who drove for us. The store TULCO, recommended to me by my instructor, makes their own brand of inks, chemicals and tools. It's a one-stop shop for screen printing stuff. Their store personnel are quite friendly and helpful especially Bicky, who avidly answered most of our questions about their products.

I bought 2 meters of 120-mesh screen (the number used for a moderately intricate designs), a 1/4 kilo container of opaque white ink, a small bottle of fixer (used for improving the ink's washing fastness), a special kind of squeegee that is designed for comfortable handling - which was quite pricey ( 13" long for P643.50 ). Spent P1,070 for everything.

After that we went to Divisoria and checked out the shirt stores along Juan Luna street. The street is flanked with suppliers of plain colored round necked and collared shirts. A size medium plain white round necked shirt here cost around P65. Light colored shirt of the same size cost around P70 and dark colored shirts cost around P75. Cool huh? The price of one plain colored shirt that you buy in a mall can buy three shirts of the same quality here in Divisoria. I think I'll buy one of every color that I like when I come back.

It was a productive day. Fitz and I are excited about our project. ^_^

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