Monday, March 21, 2011

My Birthday's Eve
at The Peninsula Manila

The night before my birthday I went out for dinner with some friends (who didn't know it's my birthday the next day). We were all bored that night. Well, they were bored, and I on the other hand was trying not to think about the disappointments of the day. We'd usually just hang out at Starbucks and talk, heckle and laugh. But that night there were no seats available in our favorite branch.

The strong desire to be in someplace different led us to the Peninsula Manila hotel. I suggested it, actually. We did the talking, heckling and laughing over each of our P200+ cup of coffee in their grand lobby. It has been 2 years since I last sat in that place. It was nice to see again the Sunburst sculpture on the ceiling and the two gigantic tapestry artwork, while listening to live music from a quartet playing at the mezzanine.

By midnight, while my friends were busy checking in on foursquare through their mobile phones, I sat back and stared at the lofty ceiling. It is my birthday and I usually take a moment to reflect - thinking about how far I've gone or how far behind I am. Thirty six years old, twenty days of being jobless, with savings that's not even close to half a million pesos, living with my parents in an unkempt old house, hoping to be self-employed in the field of art and design. Doesn't sound so bad, does it? I'll be alright I guess.

"Hey! It's your birthday!" yelled one of my friends who found out through facebook mobile. And so the heckling continued, concentrating on me. We went to the Midnight Mercato at Global City to grab a less pricey bite and went home around 3 AM.

At noon, my birthday was celebrated with a simple family get-together for lunch at Racks, Festival Mall. I like it simple. And my wish is that the challenges of this new life of mine will stay simple.

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