Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Repairing my Big Bike

I was in mechanic mode this morning. I finally got the gas tank of my big bike back from repairs (had an accident - overshot a curve and dented the tank). It has almost been a month! I had it repaired from a shop in Cavite where my brother brings the company's trucks for maintenance. They obviously didn't prioritize my gas tank. I can't complain anyway, the company paid for it.

The tube connecting the gas tank to the engine was torn and I couldn't find a bent rubber tube similar to my bike's at the nearby stores. Luckily I found one here in the garage while digging through my brother's junk.

My problem didn't end there. I discovered that the battery was drained. I forgot to disconnect the terminals while it was not in use. I brought it to my mechanic friend James Saulog in Las PiƱas City to have it charged but I've learned that the battery was dead (and I just bought it last December.) Darn. That's another P1,200!

With a new battery, I went home and tried to start the bike. And, as expected, my 21 year old bike again showed signs of its age. The bike still won't start. This has always been it's problem when not used for more than a couple of weeks. My biker friends always tell me to replace it and get a newer bike. But sentimental me just won't let it go. Not affording to upgrade also reinforced its keeping. Got the bike as a gift from my parents in 2005. I use to ride it everyday, before I worked for the family business in Cavite. That bike has done a lot for me. It not only gave me mobility but also character, esteem and good friends.
My motorcycle is a Honda CB1 (my second bike). It's a 400CC bike that is not manufactured anymore. 10 more years and this bike's gonna be a memorabilia hehe. I just hope it still runs by that time. Oh well, I'm just gonna have it picked up tomorrow.

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