Friday, April 1, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
The First Shirt I Ever Printed

This morning I did test prints of the Pinoy Blogger label cloud designs. I've used TULCO's high opaque white rubberized textile ink. I've read on the label that 2 to 3 coats are needed and that made me a bit worried because I'm not confident about my printing table's registration. So after the first coat of ink I raised the screen and let the shirt stay on the printing table to dry. After 10 minutes I applied the second coat even if the first coat has not completely dried - I was worried that the ink would start to harden and clog the screen before I could even do a second coat.

My first print on a shirt isn't a perfect one. Perhaps a third coat would have made the print more solid white. Also there were issues at the bottom of the design - uneven depositing of ink. Some areas had less ink, and the lower left corner had too much ink that it kinda blotted out a few details. I need to practice how I pull down the squeegee.

Anyways, I'll just iron this shirt and hand it to Fitz later. He's gonna give this shirt a debut on the blogger summit tomorrow.


  1. oww.. kuya congrats sa first tshirt na nagawa mo.. plans ko din sana mag business ng tshirt printing kaya naligaw ako sa blog mo.. binasa ko mula nung nag start ka hanggang dito sa nagawa mo na first shirt.. congrats.. sana ako.. :)

  2. Thanks PNT! Sana marami kang napulot na tips. Sa pagsimula talaga ng isang shirt printing business kailangan may hands on experience sa bawat isang proseso ng screen printing. At shempre, with enough determination magagawa mo rin yun ng tama. ^_^

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