Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Blog's Very First Post

Hi there! This is a newly created blog. You probably stumbled upon this web page by accident, since nobody knows about this yet. I hope you like the design anyway. My html knowledge is quite limited so customizing this took me hours of trial n' error. Well so far, I'm glad it turned out how I wanted it to be. So, welcome to my online notebook! ^_^

This blog is created on the first day of March - the day my resignation takes effect. Yup, I just quit my job. It wasn't an easy decision. Leaving the family business gives you feelings of guilt, plus with today's economy where you hear about high unemployment rates and inflation makes you worry about the future.

So why did I quit? To follow my passion. I want my life to revolve entirely around creativity. By that I mean I want to make use of my talents and make a living out of it - my way. This is, naturally, what every artist or designer aspire. But not all the many talented Filipinos are able to do this.

Well I'm gonna take a shot. I'm aware of the rough road that I must travel to get to where I want to be. I chose to leave my all-expense-paid comfort zone for the artistic life. This indeed is the bohemian lifestyle.


  1. bear in mind that we have our roads to follow, detours to take and even failures to endure, always remember that each challanges we take doesn't define our personality. It is how we stand everytime we fall... always believe that your talent will take you somewhere you aspire. That somewhere will be soon touch your life! :) keep smiling :)

  2. Thank you for these encouraging words! ^_^