Friday, March 18, 2011

Woke up late and the first thing I saw today are the ruined screens that are placed across my bed. I texted Fitz and embarrassingly told him about the failed burning. He said it was okay and I will get it right soon. I do want to believe that I will get it right soon. Why not? It may not be as simple as I thought it would be but if other people can do it, so can I.

But today I decided put aside the silk screen project for a moment. I will just go back to Quezon City and buy new emulsion tomorrow. The type that is pre-mixed and has a longer shelf life like the one I've read about on

I wanted to be productive as I could in these unemployed days. So I replaced the worn out valves of the water closet in our banyo. Those valves had been broken for like a month but no one bothered to have it fixed. And there's a lot of fixing to do here in this 30-something year old house where my parents and I are left to live in. There bulbs that needs to be replaced, broken appliances and furniture that has to be thrown out, and roof leaks that has to be repaired (No, I'm not gonna do all that).I guess the people here are bad house keepers. But mind you, my old people are not lazy. In fact they are the grinding, DIY kind of people. They are both busy running the family business (with my younger brother) and other more important things of everyday life. And so a tidy, well maintained and nicely decorated house is not a priority anymore.

It's really frustrating for me - being an architecture graduate yet I can't even beautify our own home. I'll just let this all be. When my chosen path leads me to financial prosperity I will have my own space to beautify.

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