Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Art of Zac Freeman

I came across this interesting portrait made of found objects. This is a 26.5 x 33 inch artwork by Zac Freeman made of assembled small pieces of junk mounted on a wooden board with a glue gun.

If you look closely you will find buttons, computer keypad parts, Lego and other small toys, containers caps, a remote control pad and a lot of other stuff that you would toss in the junk box.

Really, I find his works quite elusive. How does he make them to look so cool? Naturally, for you to make something like this you would have to segregate each object not by their color but by tone. And you would probably have to stand back from time to time check if you got all the different tones in the right places.

Anyways, click on the image to see more of his amazing works. ^_^

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