Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Old Works:
Chinese Goddess Costume

I just thought of showing some old creations of mine, starting with this one. I began making this costume in January 2009 and it was completed after a year. It took that long because of delays due to some materials are not always available. It was intended to be used for busking (by me). You know, for street performance, like what mimes do.

It's a full 18-piece costume that includes inner and outer robes, trousers, a pair of leg warmers, two ribbon belts, and a long gold umm... scarf(?). Plus a pair of canvas shoes, a long wig, headdress, faux coral bead necklace, and the mask made of epoxy (that I made myself.) It also include a pair of gold fans, a red parasol, and a straight edge sword that I used in my wu-shu classes four years ago.

I never get to use this costume for it's main purpose. The mall that I hope would allow me to go busking on the 2010 Chinese New Year didn't grant my request. But this mall had been occasionally letting a group of buskers, posing as living brass statues, collect donations for more than 2 years.

Anyway, that didn't bring me down because I know other places where I could go busking. I kept it in the closet and waited for the next Chinese New Year. It had it's first public appearance in a drag beauty pageant last year in September. It served as national costume of course for Miss China.

Then came the Year of the Rabbit last February and I forgot about it. Hehe. Was a bit busy then. Oh well...

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