Monday, April 25, 2011

My Old Works:
The Gothic Cathedral Birdcage

I was surprised to see this birdcage (the one with rust-colored spires), that I designed for an exporting company back in 1999, in the August 2010 issue of Real Living, a home interior magazine. I found the magazine in my brother's house.

I shouldn't feel too honored because the article is about the flea markets in Dapitan. A sample like that birdcage, made ten years ago, would most likely end up in such places. I remembered when I used to work in that exporting company, there was this truck that came and the crew collected all the old samples, over-runs and rejected items. The old handicraft items are bought for like P10 to P50 each (sometimes by the kilo). When they get to Dapitan they are sold for double up to 10 times the price, but that would still be cheap compared to mall prices.

They say its fun to buy from flea markets because you can find treasures, that you can decorate your home with, for a very low price. I hope someone thought of that old birdcage as treasure and gave it a new home.

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