Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sceen Printing Start-up :
2nd Batch of 1st Production

I did the 2nd batch of shirts today, this time on blue shirts. I had a very interesting observation. The stencil didn't get clogged and had minimal stains - ink easily washes off. My washing time was reduced and so I was able to finish 25 shirts less that 4 hours.

The reason for the ease in washing could be any of the following: 1) The weather. It was cloudy today and cooler temperatures does not dry the paint quickly to clog the screen; 2) The new ink. On the first batch of printing I used ink that I kept for a year. Maybe old inks, even if not opened, produce very small hardened clumps inside the container; 3) The lacquer thinner. When I did a thorough cleaning of the stencil maybe the thinner gave the screen some kind of protective coat.

Well I'll have another batch to print on Monday. It's the last batch of my first production and I hope by then I could narrow down to the real reason behind the easy washing.

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