Thursday, April 7, 2011

Screen Printing Start-up :
Setting Up The Workspace

Went out this morning to buy stuff for my production. I bought some laundry clips and rope to hang my printed shirts on. Also a spray bottle with measurements for the screen decoater (which I will use some other time).

I had been deciding where to set up my workplace - upstairs in my room and hang the shirts at the deck OR everything in the garage. One thing to consider is a water source, because I will have to wash the screen after a number of prints to prevent a lot of clogs. Both places have faucets but I chose to use the garage because the faucet at the deck is not shaded (that will be uncomfortable under the afternoon sun) and besides the wind is too strong up there - the kind that rolls up your shirt on the rope.

So I placed in the garage a long plastic table for printing and a smaller table for the shirt preparation. I also have my 20-meter rope tied up there. I'm all set for printing tomorrow.

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