Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Visit to the
53rd Manila F.A.M.E. Trade Fair

I went to SMX at Mall of Asia to check out the Manila F.A.M.E International Trade Fair. It has been so long since I last visited this twice-a-year event. Manila F.A.M.E. happens every April and October. Attending is a must, in those years when I worked for exporting companies designing housewares and decor - that's way back in the late 90's. Two companies that I worked for participated in this event by CITEM (Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions). This is a place where manufacturers, from all over the Philippines, showcase their products and meet new foreign buyers.

For designers like me it is a place for inspiration - for ideas that you can juxtapose into something new. It is a place where you can find interesting shapes, colors, textures and material combinations. A place where you can see how innovative Filipinos are when it comes to design.

The pictures I've taken are of featured items. There are even more astounding items inside the booths of participating companies and they do not allow those items to be photographed. They have to protect their designs, you know.The trade fair is a 4-day event where the first day is exclusive to the exhibitors and buyers. It becomes open to the public on the third day. Some companies sell some of the items on the last day. I came on the last day and I almost missed it. I came at 5:45 PM and I didn't know the event closes at 6:00 PM. But the people at the registration booth was kind enough to let me in for free. Since there's only 15 minutes left, lugi nga naman ako if I still paid the P200 entrance fee. So there's a tipid tip for you haha. Dumating kayo pag malapit na magsara para libre! haha.

Too bad I didn't get to see hall-2 where the fashion accessories and holiday decors are but that's alright. I really came for the items at Hall-1 where the furniture, housewares and decors are, because I will be designing stuff like that if the business with my friend Raul pushes through. I've collect some business cards from companies who can manufacture for us.

I've noticed that it seems that there are a few exhibitors this year as compared to like, year 2000. I recall that they use to hold the trade fair in more than 3 buildings (there were even air-conditioned tents). Hmm is this the effect of the global economic crisis? Or maybe SMX is big enough to accommodate all of the exhibitors?

Anyways, I hope to attend the Manila F.A.M.E. on October. I won't be late again. ^_^

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