Friday, May 6, 2011

The 2nd Shirt Design I've Produced

So this is my second design that reached shirthood. I've printed the first batch this afternoon. This Glamma Mamma shirt can be bought at Shopping Spells and it is also available in white, pink and light blue. ^_^

Printing this design is actually my first time to use rubberized opaque ink in production. I had a hard time because the ink clogs up the screen quickly. I had to wash the screen after printing one shirt and I was really stressed because the shirts will be picked up later in the evening. I recall having this same problem when I printed the first batch of the Pinoy Blogger shirts. That was because I used old ink (TULCO Classic). The problem went away when I used new ink. So does this mean KIMCO sold me ink that stayed on the shelf for a long time? Or maybe it was just the temperature - it was a warm afternoon.

I called the store, after laboriously printing a few shirts, and asked for some way to prevent the screen from getting clogged up. They said I should wipe the screen with a damp cloth after each coat. So what I did was, immediately after one coat, I lifted the screen and placed a piece of board to cover the shirt. Then I lightly scrubbed the screen (both sides) with a damp sponge. It did dilute the ink that's stuck on the screen. Then I wiped it dry with a highly absorbent rag before proceeding to the next coat. It works but it's still arduous.

Soon my new inks will become old inks if left unused for a long time. So I will most likely encounter this problem again. I've read that there's a product that you mix with the ink (extender) that will make it slow-drying. Some would just add water (just a tablespoon or two) to thin the ink a bit. Anyway, I'll research about this more.

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