Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Art of Sarina Brewer

I was looking for pictures of mythical creatures on the net and I saw this beautiful black griffin. At first I thought it was an impressive work of a graphic artist but when I visited the website I discovered that it is a work of a brilliant taxidermist.

If people with automatonophobia will freak out at the sight of a preserved lamb, I couldn't imagine how they will react if they see a preserved lamb with two heads -- or a squirrel with two bodies, or a winged cat with horns in a ferocious grin.

"I call it art, you can call it whatever you want," says Sarina Brewer, the regular looking woman behind the bizarre looking creatures. She's like a goddess who gather parts of fallen animals and resurrects them into one new creature. None of the animals used in her art we're killed for such purpose, by the way.

Publications in America, Europe and Australia have featured her works and she has had her creations exhibited across America, also in Switzerland and France.

Dare check out her other little darlings at customcreaturetaxidermy.com =)

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