Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coffee: Drink It, Paint with It.

Yup. As the title of this post suggests, the painting you see below is made of espresso. Cool huh? Karen Eland is an artist since childhood and she's just discovered the link between coffee and art when she worked as a barista. It all started when she dipped her brush on coffee and started painting. (I wonder if its because she ran out of brown water color hehe) Click on the pic to see more of her cool works.

Art is her full time job now and she has created a lot of beautiful brown paintings. Aside from her original art, my favorites include her interpretations of works by Van Gogh and Vermeer.

Her website,, is a work of art by itself. From the header, background, down to the links - they are all painted in espresso. I just love the cherub that follows when you scroll down the page. ^_^

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