Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello Month of May

May is here and it's my second month on the road to becoming a self-employed artist.

I've produced a total of 105 pieces of the Pinoy Blogger shirts last month. After the first 75 shirts I made 30 more shirts (just a couple of days ago) for Fitz to sell on another blogger event held last Saturday. Again he has sold more than half of the stocks and had pre-orders too.

The profit from these shirts will be used to fund the next production. Papaikutin namin ang pera. So we can't do any "harvesting" yet. After all, the business is still a seedling that needs time to grow. For the meantime, I've been designing shirts that we will produce for the next blogger event and Fitz is working on our online store and he has already bought a domain for it. It is still under construction so I'll post the link when everything's ready.

Yesterday Fitz and I had a meeting with my sister-in-law Erlaine. She has an online store at and she shared to us some tips on handling orders and shipping. You might want to check out her online store. Just click on the business card below (I designed the card for her, by the way) to get to Shopping Spells.

So as of today, cash doesn't come into my bank account yet and I still keep my expenses to a minimum. Getting an online job did cross my mind. I've seen a lot of ads looking for graphic designers on craigslist. But I'm having second thoughts about it because most work-at-home jobs there are full-time jobs and that might expend my time and energy for my shirt business. I'll think about it more.

Another thing that I need to think about more is an effective way to sell my own line of shirts. (I haven't produced any yet but I have some designs ready). I understand that wholesaling to clients, who usually have their own designs for corporate or community events, brings the money quick and in bulk and I may have to accept such projects also. Retailing, on the other hand, though you can sell a shirt for a higher price, sells slow unless you sell them in an event (like our blogger shirts). The key, I guess, is to design for a specific market.

And another thing I've been thinking about (I've been thinking too much, I know) is starting my digital portraiture business. I once was deciding between that and shirt printing and I chose to do printing because opportunity came to it first. Maybe I should start the portraiture business while the printing business is still in its infancy stage. Hmmmmm.......

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