Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Need Space !

I mean literally, I do need more space for my stuff. Not just storage space but also working space. Indeed as a person gets older his material belongings accumulate and as they do the more space he needs to store them (and use them also). And so this 36 year old bohemian guy, living in his parent's house, has a bit of a dilemma.

My old 16.50 square meter room (picture below), that used to be well kept and decorated, is now a big cluttered closet. I moved in to my younger brother's smaller room (that he left behind when he got married 4 years ago). Now I share the room with my screen printing equipment. The frames and pallets are leaning on the wall, the light box is on one corner, the inks and tools are in a box on the floor.

We have a roof deck but it is, naturally, an open space so I really can't store anything there. I certainly can't work there either, unless it's a dry, non windy and cloudy day. I do my screen printing in the garage. It fits 2 cars side by side. Had my siblings not moved out and took their cars with them I would probably be doing the printing right next to my bed.

I'd move out if I could afford it. At this point in my life, where I'm just on my first few kilometers in the road to becoming a self-employed artist, It would certainly be impractical. Since I am now relying on my savings I'd do all I can to minimize my expenses.

The monthly rent for a tiny apartment here in my city is like P5,000. That's around half of what a minimum-wage worker earns in a month. So he has the other half to pay for everything else and there is a lot - electricity, water, internet service, mobile phone service, food, fare...the list could go on. And if one wants more square meters of space, a safe and secure neighborhood and a location that is closer to major roads and commercial areas, he has to spend more than just P5,000. Really, when I think of the numbers it make's me a bit glad that my parents doesn't mind that I still live with them. But the thing is, I mind living in this crowded, poorly designed and maintained house. If I have enough dough I'd get my own place and put my decorating and housekeeping talents to use.

I wish I can have a studio, at least. Doesn't have to be fancy. One like in this picture below, of artist Robert Carbonell, is cool. Looks like he's made a studio out of his garage. I'd like a lot of floor space and high ceilings too. (Click on the photo to know more about Robert Carbonell).

If I can have my way I'd have a studio that is big enough for all my artistic interests: screen printing, photography, painting, sculpture, couture and music. That's gonna take at least 50 square meters.

I imagine having all the space for creativity in a warehouse converted into a home. Just like in the pictures below by designers Benito Escat and Alberto Rovira, located in Barcelona. Get a closer look at the interior here.

I really like open-plan home interiors. It's perfect for me. If I am to live by myself I prefer to live in a house that has no partitions. Well except for the toilet & bath and utility storage of course. There's an advantage to it. Aside that it keeps a space looking large, it's easy to move from one area to another and it's easy to move furniture or change an area's function. Plus ventilation is good because all the windows provide outside air for that one big space.

For now, I guess I will have to settle for the limited working space here in my parent's house. I would really have to work hard and act quickly if I am to move into a better house someday. =/

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