Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Old Works:
Sterling Silver Jewelry Suite

I designed this contemporary jewelry suite, made of sterling silver and polyresin with faux gold leaf, sometime in 2004 when I worked for Sanara Silver. It was featured in the March 2007 issue of Silver Styles, a Hong Kong jewelry magazine.

I actually enjoyed designing fine jewelery. I worked for a Filipino-owned exporting company, for 5 years (now that's my longest employment period in one company). They really know how to nurture the creativity of their designers. Aside from having a regular supply of design references, they let the designers concentrate on the aesthetics while the engineers work on the mechanisms and find ways to produce the design efficiently. Technology was not exclusive to the engineers there. I was trained to operate a 3D design software (ArtCam) that communicates with a machine that accurately carves out models complete with the intricate details. Another cool thing about working there are the travels. I was brought to trade fairs in Hong Kong and Italy  to expose me to even more design inspirations.

But sadly, the global economic crisis crept in and their regular buyers started sourcing from India and China where labor is known to be cheaper - the demise of many exporting companies here in the Philippines. I resigned in 2005, not just to save my self from a sinking ship but to help the ship reduce its load. I never tried to find another jewelry company ever since.


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