Friday, June 24, 2011

My Old Works:
An Untitled and Unsigned Painting

This rather gay male erotica painting is made of latex paint on canvas that is stretched over a 24" x 30" wood panel. I do not recall when it was done. Umm...2005? I didn't sign it nor gave it a title. I felt that I didn't have to. I made it just to fill a bare wall.

It is taken from a photograph that I grabbed from the web. I didn't take note of the photographer hehe. Actually, there's another painting underneath this artwork, painted on the wood panel. Another unsigned and untitled painting by me. I got tired of it so I stretched canvas over it and painted something new.

From the very few paintings I've done, this is the only one that still exists. The others were made of pastel on paper and they were unframed so they got destroyed in storage.

As I write this post I wondered why I didn't develop my painting skills and make more. Suddenly I feel that the life of a visual artist like me would not be complete without making at least one series of paintings. I should make this one of my goals...

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