Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Designs
of Glamma Momma Shirts

Finally done printing the 6 new Glamma Momma shirt designs I made for my sister-in-law Erlaine. I'm glad I was able to finish them this month (though late). Now her shirt brand has 7 designs available at her online store Shopping Spells. She will also consign them soon to a store in a mall here in Alabang.

Erlaine belongs to a network of young moms. Proud new moms full of enthusiasm about raising their first baby and at the same time helping their husbands bring food on the table. She created Glamma Momma Shirts for hip moms like her. All these shirts are my interpretation of her ideas. My favorites of the new designs are the "I teach, I nurture, I love", "moms know best", "dads rock but moms rule", and also the "I love BF" (breastfeeding), which is my first 2-color print. I hope the mommies will like our shirts and inspire us to create more designs for them. ^_^

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