Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Christian Schallert's
Stash-Away Apartment

I was really amused while watching this vid featuring Christian Schallert's amazing apartment. Everything (well, almost everything) can be hidden away. He's an Austrian Photographer, by the way, living in Barcelona.

I wonder if I could live in a place like this. I really don't mind pulling out a bed or assembling a table, or opening up a kitchen. Hmm... maybe not, because I work at home now and my work doesn't involve just a desk and a laptop. But then again, maybe having a separate working area with the same concept will work.

This system is perfect for those tiny condo units that are built all over Metro Manila. Surely you have seen one of their brochures. Ang mahal-mahal tapos ang liit-liit. hehe.

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