Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally a DSLR Camera

Nope, I didn't buy one. My sister Jeth lent me her first DSLR Camera, a Canon EOS-D30, which she has not been using since she got her Nikon.

A couple of months ago, I offered to buy her camera so she can have a chance to upgrade to a newer model (and so I can get a camera at a low price hehe). But she's actively using it so instead she offered to lend me her old camera, which I didn't know she still keeps. She handed it over to me today at a family lunch out.

I got more than a camera. Her husband Jigger, whom she met in a photography club, lent me some of his old equipment - a pair of lamps which include the stands and umbrella diffusers. Awesome! ^_^

I remember contemplating on getting a Nikon D300. A photographer friend said its a good camera to start with. It's a good thing I didn't rush into buying one because this old Canon will do just fine. After all, I'm more of a graphic artist than a photographer. I manipulate pictures and photography is just a half of the process of my work. Modesty aside, I was told that I make impressive images with pictures taken from a point-and-shoot camera. With a DSLR in hand, I guess the difference is that the images I will produce will be more crisp and sharp.

I hope the chance to start using these equipment will come soon. ^_^

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