Monday, July 18, 2011

Goodbye My Honda CB1

In an older post I've mentioned how sentimental I am about letting go of my big bike. Well I've gotten over being emotionally attached to the old machine. It's no longer practical. I don't ride so often anymore now that I work at home, and that's just not healthy for the bike. The decision to sell the bike came when it wouldn't start again (June 12). I had it picked up for the last time and asked my mechanic friend James to sell the bike in his shop.

The bike got sold today, after 32 days, to a Korean guy. I hope he would use it more often than I did in 6 years. I only got to maximize its use on the first 2 years since I got it in 2005. I use to ride to work everyday back then, and often join rides out of town on weekends. I started riding less in 2007 when I worked in the family business in Cavite. It's just inconvenient to ride like 20 kilometers to get to work everyday.

Before we parted I touched the bike and felt it for the last time. I took the wooden rosary that I've twined around the handle bar. Also the skull bolts, that secures the registration plate, given to me by a rider friend. They will be passed on to my next big bike. I'm not hasty about getting a new one though.

But I'm not left bike-less. I actually have another motorcycle which came before the Honda CB1. This red cruiser, the KYMCO Zing150, has been the spare bike whenever the CB1 fails. It is my first bike. I got it in 2002. It's old and has issues too. Once I have it repaired I'll sell it away and then think of what motorcycle to get next.


  1. i support honda and the Honda City ,hope they do well but since we dont have anymore national cars, government should reduce protection barriers and allow the rakyat to reduce household debt..

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