Friday, July 1, 2011

Head's High for July

I can't help but notice the lessening frequency of posting here in my blog when I look at the archives. Only 6 posts last month. I can still see my afterword post for June in the first page. Well I really had to put blogging on the shelf for work. Yup, work . I feel self-employed already. I am a serigrapher hehe. Serigraphy - that's another word for screen printing, and serigraphy is all that I did last month.

Since the opening of BloggerShirts.Com on June 7, I have printed orders of 28 shirts. We also sold some of our printed stock of Pinoy Blogger shirts online. For the Glamma Momma shirts, I've printed 51. This one-man Art & Production Department really worked hard. Printing in the daytime, burning stencils in the evening, designing at night.

But it's not all just hard work. Finally money finds its way to my bank account. I was already paid for the mommy shirts (thank you Erlaine!) and I will be receiving my first profit shares from the blogger shirts. (Yipeee!) Oh and that's not all - a friend who owes me some money (for like 3 years) just paid me a couple of days ago. Hmm maybe I'll use the returned money to buy this portable studio backgroud stand and one of these background canvas from Tay Hua Trading so I can get back to the digital portraiture business that I've been meaning to start for so long.

What else can I say? I just feel so inspired! My business with Fitz is doing fine and other opportunities relating to shirt printing seem to draw near, just waiting to be grabbed. I hope the positive vibes continue throughout July and the coming months. ^_^

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