Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will The Sun Ever Shine Again

It has been raining since Monday. Two days of rain is fine but a week of the cold and wet weather really gets in my nerves. I really hate it. Days like these mean dirty shoes, dirty bike, slow traffic, puddles here and there, slow drying laundry, damp bed sheets, leaks in the ceiling, and house molds.
What I really hate most is how this gloomy weather affects my state of mind.

I've read this interesting article from Psychcentral.Com about how the weather affects our mood and about SAD (seasonal affective disorder). So its very natural to feel blue when the sky is gray. We tend to associate rainy days with sadness - we seem to be reminded of sad memories and sulk if we are in a sad situation.

And it's no surprise that there are songs like "I'll Do My Crying in The Rain" and "Rainy Days on Mondays (Always Get Me Down)".

Of all the sad rain songs out there, my favorite is "Will The Sun Ever Shine Again" sung by Bonnie Raitt, written by Alan Irwin Menken and Glenn Evan Slater for Disney's animated film Home On The Range. Give it a listen...

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