Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Screenprinting Marathon

I printed 8 different blogger shirts this afternoon at a comfortable pace. But yesterday I had to print the first 25 orders of our PR shirt in one day because it was scheduled to be picked up for delivery this morning. I started printing at around 11 AM yesterday and packed the last shirt around 2 AM today. This was the first time I continued to print even in the night time. It was really exhausting. What made these shirts longer to make is the printing of a different number on each white square. Lesson learned: If there are shirts to be printed at this level of effort and quantity, wake up early!

Why the many shirts? Most of these will be given away for free by the guy who came up with this shirt idea. His blog,, has just recently become a PR6 website. As celebration of the consecutive Google PageRank updates this year, and by his appreciation for his blog's avid readers, the first 20 people who has written a blog post that mentioned their want of the shirt will each receive one that has their blog's current PageRank.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Trip to Laiya Beach

Last weekend was a long one, thanks to the Islamic holiday - the end of Ramadan. My friends had planned a 2-day beach vacation in Batangas and invited me to come along. Why not go? I wasn't able to go beaching last summer (that really sucks) and the past weeks have been really hectic. I sure needed those relaxing moments, being soaked in sea water.

There was a storm last Saturday and the day before. So, with the possibility of a rainy Sunday, we chose not to make any reservations. But the power of positive thinking was on our side - we started to see blue skies by 10 o'clock and a bunk room had just become available in the first beach resort we walked into.

We stayed at the Kabayan Beach Resort in Laiya, Province of Batangas. Don't be deceived by my picture here. I made some color adjustments on the water. The water there is not really blue and clear. I'm not sure if it's always like that, or it was just because of the recent storm. Anyways, it was low tide and there were big waves when we went swimming in mid-afternoon. It was really fun being knocked down by those waves.

That was something I haven't done in a long time - being with a lot of friends, all 10 of us, in a far place. Everything about it was enjoyable - the long ride, the heckling and laughter, swimming, sand fights, discussions in the bunk room, eating on one long table, drinking near the shoreline, putting a drunk friend on his bed... Priceless. Hehe

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Blogger Shirt Designs

It's just now that I remembered to post the new Blogger Shirts design for this month. I've been really preoccupied with a lot of stuff. Anyways, the 6th design is also our first design exclusive for women - for mom bloggers to be exact. For a start we came up with this simple design. There are a lot of mom bloggers out there each writing about different topics aside from family, parenting and housekeeping. Some are new moms writing about raising their first baby, and some are experienced moms blogging about beauty, for example, while raising her growing-up kids. Some are just stay-at-home moms while others have office jobs. So we rather not design for a specific type of mom blogger just yet.

We also have another design that came out this month, our 7th design that is also our first "customizable" shirt. The concept was suggested by a blogger friend of Fitz, my business partner. PR means Page Rank. The higher a website's page rank is, the higher the chance of it appearing in Google search results. Page rank is from 0 to 10. An authority website such as facebook is a 10. A blog, depending on its age, uniqueness of content, number of visitors and frequency of post, could reach a page rank as high as 6 and people who wanted their blogs to become popular are conscious about its PR.

All ranks are available in our PR shirts. We designed it in a way that printing all the different ranks will use only one stencil. ^_^

Friday, August 19, 2011


One of the blogs I love following is It's a great source of inspiration for weird art and style. It features works that are "dark, surreal, odd and provocative contemporary art, style, and creativity." I am actually a fan of such themes.

I like the photo-manipulations and the sculptures there. Aside from paintings, there are also illustrations, also installation and performance art and couture. Also music videos and poetry.

Here are some favorite works that I found there:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Tattoo Design for a Friend

A friend of mine, Levi, commissioned me to design a tattoo for him. I'll just show some details here and post the entire design when it's already on his skin hehe.

Levi is a surfer, a motorcycle rider and a capoeira practitioner. He wanted a tattoo, that will be placed on his right shoulder blade area, with elements that represent his sport interests. Among the surfing waves is a Japanese dragon, a symbol of prosperity, postured to resemble the infinity symbol. Within the dragon head loop is a sports biker doing a wheelie and in the tail loop is a modified ying-yang which was taken from his capoeira group.

I actually enjoyed designing this tattoo. Maybe I could build a career in tattoo design hehe. Well, just designing - I think my eye-and-hand coordination is not good enough for the no-mistake requirements of tattooing were there's no erasing when once you put ink into the skin.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kawayan by Brando Bati

This is a painting that caught my eye as I passed by an art gallery at Alabang Town Center. The contrast of the bright red bamboo stalks and the lush leaves of green tones is impossible to go unnoticed from the galley window.

This is one of a series of bamboo paintings by Brando Bati. His solo exhibit at the Village Art Gallery runs from July 30 t0 August 20. There's another version of this painting that is monochromatic, like shades of brown and orange that I really like. Check them out - they are twice as brilliant when you see them in person.

Since I can't afford to buy other artist's paintings I'll just just grab a pic and hang it here in my blog wall. hehe

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh...It's August

Another month has passed. I'm not gonna say much about July. It's a month of cool things and, well, not so cool things. I guess that makes it just like any other month.

I continued to print blogger shirts, and we're coming up with a new design for this month. I also designed a highly graphic company profile folder for a friend whose family owns a printing press. Making it involved some product photography. I designed the matching business cards and a letterhead for him as well. And, for another friend who is a biker/surfer/capoeirist, I've been working on a tattoo. Cool, huh?

But, like I said earlier, there are uncool things. And thanks to this seasonal affective disorder (SAD) brought by the cold and wet weather (that I've heard will continue through the week), I couldn't help but dwell upon their uncoolness - the delayed plans, the ideas that remain as ideas because of the lack of funds and space or the lack of perceptiveness for alternative solutions at least.

Who knows? Maybe enlightenment will come this month.