Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh...It's August

Another month has passed. I'm not gonna say much about July. It's a month of cool things and, well, not so cool things. I guess that makes it just like any other month.

I continued to print blogger shirts, and we're coming up with a new design for this month. I also designed a highly graphic company profile folder for a friend whose family owns a printing press. Making it involved some product photography. I designed the matching business cards and a letterhead for him as well. And, for another friend who is a biker/surfer/capoeirist, I've been working on a tattoo. Cool, huh?

But, like I said earlier, there are uncool things. And thanks to this seasonal affective disorder (SAD) brought by the cold and wet weather (that I've heard will continue through the week), I couldn't help but dwell upon their uncoolness - the delayed plans, the ideas that remain as ideas because of the lack of funds and space or the lack of perceptiveness for alternative solutions at least.

Who knows? Maybe enlightenment will come this month.

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