Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Screenprinting Marathon

I printed 8 different blogger shirts this afternoon at a comfortable pace. But yesterday I had to print the first 25 orders of our PR shirt in one day because it was scheduled to be picked up for delivery this morning. I started printing at around 11 AM yesterday and packed the last shirt around 2 AM today. This was the first time I continued to print even in the night time. It was really exhausting. What made these shirts longer to make is the printing of a different number on each white square. Lesson learned: If there are shirts to be printed at this level of effort and quantity, wake up early!

Why the many shirts? Most of these will be given away for free by the guy who came up with this shirt idea. His blog,, has just recently become a PR6 website. As celebration of the consecutive Google PageRank updates this year, and by his appreciation for his blog's avid readers, the first 20 people who has written a blog post that mentioned their want of the shirt will each receive one that has their blog's current PageRank.

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