Friday, September 30, 2011

Mastery of Manipulations by MichaelO

Other works in photo-manipulation that really amazes me are those by digital artist MichaelO. His prowess is something I would like to achieve also. He mainly uses Photoshop, of course, and sometimes incorporates elements done in 3DMax.

These two image are some of my favorites. It's really amazing how he creates thematic images from seemingly simple photographs.

In his FAQ he said, "I believe that the general skill you have in art is more important than how well you know digital techniques."


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spanish Guitar Music

I love the sound of the acoustic guitar. That is why I am more into genres that mostly use the instrument, such as rock, alternative, and American folk and country music.

But if there's a genre that uses the full melodic power of the guitar, it would be classical music. Listening to solo guitar performances of Spanish tunes make me love the instrument more. Here's some really romantic pieces performed renowned guitarist John Williams. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not feeling so great today. Thinking about delayed plans and disappointing results really upset me.

When anxiety creeps in I grab my copy of Finding Your Strength, a book of meditations by David Viscott. It really comes in handy at situations like these. I just love the way it was written - straight forward but not in an artless way. I found this book back in 2007 while being down in the dumps. I was walking aimlessly in a mall and went inside a bookstore and there it was, as if I was led to finding it.

Anyways, let me just share something Dr. Viscott said about when you feel like giving up...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've just bought for my blog its own domain name. Not that anyone cares hehe. So now my blog's URL is. . .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awesome Predator Mask

I went to see a movie yesterday at Festival Mall here in Alabang. While waiting for the 10PM showing, I did a little window shopping and checked out the 2Rats action figure store at the 4th floor. I saw this really cool Predator mask and tried it on. Goes well with my newly retouched dreads, don't you think? I think it's made of resin. I love the finish and the details like the battle scratches. It cost around P2,500, by the way.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Had my dreads retouched yesterday. It has been 7 months since I last had them maintained by my loctician at PinoyDreadman Salon. Finally all those loose strands of hair, that I kept hidden under a bandana, are all tucked in their respective locks.

I first had my hair dreaded in March, 2010. Starting with just 19 locks that are 15 inches long, and with my sides clipped - looking like a Mohican with dreads. January this year, I had them re-done with better sectioning so that gave me 24 locks. I waited for my side hair to grow back until it was long enough to attach more dread extensions. So now I have 30 locks that are 22 inches long.

I love my dreads. I've tried many hairstyles already but this is the one that I never got tired of. I'm gonna keep them for years! ^_^

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enter September

Hmm... Only 7 blog posts for the month of August. When you're busy there are things you really have to put aside. But being busy on the right things is always good.

So aside from printing bloggers shirts, I've been designing a roll-up banner and a flyer for a memorial/leisure park located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I've been working on the layout since the first week of August and still they are not approved. The client is being too meticulous and keeps adding unnecessary details. Like, he wanted to have a tiny logo placed before the company name everywhere it is mentioned in a paragraph. As if it could actually increase chances of sale. Anyways, I hope to get this project over with soon because I don't really enjoy designing print ads and there are other things to do.

I still have to design shirts for two motorcycle shops owned by friends. Also, remember my moto-industry shirt? I still have 15 pieces with me. I need to schedule a trip to Global City in Taguig and sell the shirts to riders who hang out there every Sunday morning. Really, after I sell all these shirts away I will not do the print-then-sell approach anymore.

Oh and I have to get my red bike repaired so I can sell it too and finally get a new big bike! I miss the long out-of-town rides!

I still haven't set up a photo studio here in this old house. There's just no space for it here. The DSLR camera and the lamps, lent to me by my sister and her husband, are still in their boxes lying on the floor. No space at home and no money to pay for rentable space. Paano na? The most ironic thing here is that my parents has a new and empty house in Cavite (just behind my brother's new house). They did offer me to set up my workspace there but I refused. I do not wish to write lengthy explanations about why I cannot have my business that far outside Metro Manila and I certainly do not wish to write an even longer explanation why they are still not moving into that house instead. But I am not out of hope. I will someday find a solution to this.

On the good side, I found sources of affordable custom made frames and printing services for the digital portrait paintings that I'm planning to start as a side business. I'm yet to look for box makers, make sample portraits and create an online store.

Well here's another month - the first of the "ber" months. As always, I hope to accomplish more.