Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Hovers Over

Another month has passed. It has been half a year months since I set out to become my own boss and to make a living out of my talents. Well, so far I have BloggerShirts, a brand of t-shirts that I produce and sell with my friend Fitz. We're coming up with another design this month, by the way.

I created an online store a couple of weeks ago at and it's still under construction. I don't have anything to sell yet. My own line of t-shirts, that I have been meaning to create, will be sold there. Maybe I'll make fashion accessories and sell them too. I'll also offer digital painting services there - framed digital art and fine painting-like portraits that will be delivered to a client's doorstep.

Digital imagery, particularly portraits, is what I hoped to be my primary business because I know it's what I do best. But I had to put it aside because of the lack of space. I do need a decent studio for this particular business. I rather have the studio here at home than rent a per-hour studio or go to a client's place and photograph him there. I'm not being finicky or maarte. It's just that having your own studio has advantages. Like it keeps the service cost low - I want my art to be affordable and yet have good quality.

I really didn't anticipate this delay. Silly of me. I reallized that my plans depended on my parent's actions. I thought that by this time they have already moved into their new house in Cavite and I have set up all my creative spaces here in this old house. I confess that the delay really upset me so much that I failed to appreciate the help that my parents are giving me, despite that they seem unsupportive to my artistic endeavors.

Well, I saw the mistakes I made about planning. There's a plan B to think about and some attitudes to change...


  1. I think Daddy is having a hard time in deciding on leaving your house because of sentimental reasons.

  2. Hmm I think it has more to do with the things he can't do in the new neighborhood hehehe.