Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Things I Miss

I browsed through folders in my old PC and found old image files. Some are as old as 9 years. I couldn't help but reminisce the good old days. Here are 5 things I miss the most.

1. riding out of town on a big bike

Me and the black Honda CB1 I use to own have gone a long way. I miss the group rides to Tagaytay, to Infanta and Tayabas in Quezon, to Batangas, Bulacan, Tarlac, Subic and Baguio. I miss the breathtaking landscapes that you'll see on the way to these places. I miss the wind hitting my chest as I ride along NLEX, SLEX and the Star Tollway and the freedom that it made me feel.

2. wu-shu and my straight sword routine

I took wu-shu lessons from mid 2004 to early 2007 at GymPlus at the Starmall here in Muntinlupa city. Finding wu-shu classes in my city isn't easy. If one wants to pursue this form of martial art he has to go to Binondo or Sta. Cruz in Manila. I stopped because the classes at Starmall got dissolved. I guess wu-shu isn't popular here and my schedule didn't permit me to take classes in Manila. In 2 years I only get to learn straight-sword routines and I hoped to learn other weapons like the broad sword and the staff. Wu-shu was my only cardio exercise and I got fat a few years after I stopped (like 190 lbs). Good thing I was able to manage my weight problem last year. Anyways, I still have my swords and I still know the moves. Maybe I'll make a video of my sword routine someday while this aging body is still capable of it.

3. scuba diving in Anilao

A biker friend of mine who's also a dive instructor got me into diving. We rode to Batangas with other biker buddies and had an into-dive in Anilao. After seeing the beauty of marine life in person, I took diving lessons in 2007 to become an open water diver (under PADI). I really miss the underwater-scapes of Anilao. I never dove anywhere else, actually. Anilao has 24 diving sites and I think I've only been to four. I wish I could watch marine life again in their natural habitat. I'm a Piscean and water is my element. I love being underwater - it's a completely different world that I so miss.

4. the romantic city of Venice

Back in 2002, when I worked as a jewelry designer, my boss brought me to Italy when our company joined the Vicenza Oro jewelry trade fair. After the fair we toured Venice and I instantly fell in love with the old city. Who wouldn't? Now I could only imagine being there marveling its architecture, the old churches, stone pavements, narrow passages, town squares, bridges big and small, the Grand Canal, also the gondolas, the mask shops and cafes, the street performers, and the pigeons at San Marco. *sigh*

5. my cactus collection

I always have been fascinated by these prickly petite plants. I started collecting small varieties in 1998 but I only get to collect 11 varieties (lame!) Now, because of neglect and the unideal climate here in the city, I only have 3 kinds left - the hardy and proliferating kinds of course.

It seems that I was more carefree back then. Going places and trying stuff and enjoying life. Well before, I did have the money and the time, then free time started to shrink . Now I have more time but less money because of my "quest" hehe. Yeah, I left my comfort zone and now I'm in the journey to the life that I want, a creative life and making a living out of it. So for the meantime, I will have to put the expensive leisure activities aside. But of course, in the pursuit of the life that we want for ourselves, we must not forget to live, to enjoy life the way it is now. Life's little pleasures are always around us and most of them don't cost much.

Maybe I'll get back to those 5 things I mentioned above someday soon. Hmm well except for Venice. If things turned out well maybe I'll visit it again when I retire. =P

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