Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Are Very Busy People
by The Limousines

I leaned about this song through a friend, about a year ago in his mobile phone playlist, and it became one of my favorite songs. Aside from the jumpy electro-pop tune, I find the lyrics quite amusing. You'll hear words like "...we'll stay up late making mix tapes, Photoshopping pictures of ourselves, while we masturbate to this pixelated videos of strangers fucking themselves..." haha! This song sounds like the perfect anthem for deadbeats. Hmm is this why I like the song? Wait, I'm not a deadbeat!

Actually it's just now that I get to watch this video. I'm not sure if it's the official but it might as well be. I like the concept. The photo editing time lapse is just perfect for the song. Enjoy!

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