Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Not Live
in the Countryside?

This is a magazine clipping I've kept for years. I got it from an old french interior decor magazine. I just love its rustic style - the thatched roof and the white stucco walls. I thought maybe I could have a house like this built someday. I think I could live in the countryside, grow and raise my own food and sell some of them to pay for other stuff like internet connection hehe. Of course I would still need a window to the outside (congested and polluted) world.
Actually, an opportunity to built a house like this came. Five years ago my parents bought land (almost a hectare) in Cavite, about a kilometer away from our business warehouse. When I learned they plan to build a small vacation house there, I showed this clipping to may dad. When he saw it he said, "Mukhang bahay ng squatter" (Looks like a poor man's shanty) - and there goes the opportunity. There's a house built there now and it doesn't look like anything that belongs to a rich man. It's really sad when money goes to people with no sense of style.

Anyways, back to the clipping. The house belongs to Munnu Kasliwal. He and his brothers own the famous Gem Palace - a jewelry company in Jaipur that catered to the royals around the world since 1852. This humble house used to be a cowshed and Munnu converted it into a stylish tropical resort-like haven.

Check out the awesome interior. See more by clicking the clipping below.
I wonder if my dad would change his mind if he saw the interior. Maybe not. It's too late anyway. Oh well...

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