Thursday, December 1, 2011

December has Descended

And so December has landed. The month when everybody's excited about the coming holidays. Well I'm not as excited. Since I've just became self-employed, this will be my first December with no 13th month pay. But who knows? Maybe I'll have more projects this month. I'll sure be needing the money to buy presents. If not, I will have to be extra creative to make Christmas gifts.

It has been 9 months since I left my all-expense-paid comfort zone. Now I'm already feeling the downside of bohemianism. Yet I need to maintain this frugality to preserve the funds to buy blank shirts for my own online store, and frames for my digital portraits and painting business. I spent November making a portfolio, building the websites, searching for suppliers, designing my first collection of shirts, and of course, printing orders of BloggerShirts.

It is really tough starting an online business from scratch - so many things to put together! I intend that the websites be launched by January 2012. Everything must be ready by then - the supplies and the order processing system. Yeah, I will need to do a lot of online marketing once I cut the ribbons. I'm actually excited about promoting the business, knowing that they will see a nicely designed website with cool items and services that are quite affordable.

Well I guess I just need to keep working on this stuff while we all look forward to the Christmas season. ^_^

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