Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Launching My Digital Portrait
& Painting Services

I've mentioned this business endeavor many times in this blog. I am supposed to launch the website on Multiply.Com this month but I made a little change. I'm having bit of a hard time customizing the Multiply page so instead I'll just use Multiply as an advertisement page that will link to this blog.

So the official website of the business is...right here! Welcome to my blog. ^_^

Let me show you some of my first works.

This is a portait of Paul Vincent Pua, a friend of mine from a motorcycle club. He does photography too. He's usually into photographing cosplayers. He actually took this photo himself. I find interesting the Rembrandt-like lighting he used. So I thought converting it into a "painting" will add more drama to his self-portrait.

Here's a portrait of another friend. Roda Postrado is a professional loctician (dreadlock artist). The original photo was taken by another dreadlocked friend, photographer Richard Arcas. I was there at the shoot. I did the styling and directing.

Erwin Buenaventura is a friend of mine from another motorcycle group. The original pic was taken, I assume, from a webcam, he might be having fun with gray contact lenses at that time. Really, he doesn't need color lenses. His natural hazel eyes is something I'm envious of.

If you want to have a digital portrait painting, click here.

See more digital paintings here.

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