Friday, January 27, 2012

More About Bando Tamasaburo V

His real name is Morita Shin'ichi and he was born in April 25, 1950. He made his first appearance on stage when he was 7 years old with the stage name Bando Kinoji. In June 1964 he takes the name Bando Tamasaburo V. His adoptive father, the kabuki actor Morita Kan'ya XIV, was Bando Tamasaburo IV.
Bando Tamasaburo V is the most celebrated onnagata. His life is devoted to the theater and thus he has made countless performances not only in his homeland but also in the United States and Paris.

Being very much fascinated by Japanese art, I am completely mesmerized by the beautiful woman that he portrays, her graceful movements and those awesome kimonos! There are a lot of videos of his performances on YouTube. I'm glad that most videos include English narrations that not only tell you about the story but also the other elements of the play and a bit about Japanese culture and history.

The video below is the first part of two 10-minute videos of Fuji Musume (Wisteria Maiden), one of my favorite kabuki plays because of the happy tune and the quick kimono changes.

Watch part 2 here. Enjoy! ^_^

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