Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riusuke Fukahori's 3D Goldfish Paintings

I simply must feature this artist whose work really swept me off my feet. A friend shared about the Japanese artist on facebook and I'm glad he did.

I love goldfish, the roundish double-tailed kind, I used to keep some in my aquarium years ago. I also love the Zen quality of Japanese art so Fukahori's works is something I sooo want to see in person. I wish I could be one of the lucky people to own at least one of his small pieces like this goldfish in a small wooden box.

Fukahori uses traditional painting techniques on layers and layers of clear resin, thus creating a three-dimensional effect. The natural shadows makes it even more realistic! Here's a video showing the process of his work (that requires a lot of diligence) and some pieces form his Goldfish Salvation exhibit. Enjoy!

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