Saturday, January 21, 2012

Underworld 4: Awakening

It's so good to see the vampire Selene doing her ass-kicking moves again, after three years. Kate Beckinsale still has it! Haven't been to the movies for so long. Seeing the movie poster really awakened the sleeping vampire action film fan in me.

Underworld is my all-time favorite vampire film series. I'm not exactly sure who wrote the first three films. There was legal controversy behind it, but anyway, I love the plot. I like their concept of the origins of vampires and warewolves and the war between the two creatures. Also I like the idea of three vampire elders taking turns in ruling while the other two go sleeping; that a vampire-warewolf hybrid can exist; and that both creatures (of the same speed and strength) had to use technology to kill each other.

I love the production too . I like the old world scenes. Not to mention the modern vampire outfits with Goth-Celtic details!

This 4th film is different - no more elders or old world flashbacks but I still love it because it's still packed with a good plot, lots of action and special effects. The setting is 12 years after humans thought that they have exterminated all vampires and warewolves.

If you're an Underworld fan, go watch it now!

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