Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Satisfying Saturday:
Lunch at Tong Yang

Last Saturday my friends invited me to join them in their appreciation of art - culinary art, that is. Yeah these people love to eat. We went to Tong Yang at Mega Mall for a shabu shabu feast. You can enjoy all the food you want for Php 585 on weekends and holidays. On weekdays, it's only Php 399 per head.It has been a while since I stuffed myself like this. I started with a few maki and dimsum. Of course I tried to make healthy choices with the ingredients. No red meat or processed food (like sausages and que-kiam). Just fresh chicken, vegetables, fish and other seafood, like squid and a few shellfish. Also, I didn't use butter for frying.

I had a bowl of ice cream for dessert. It wasn't fat free but it's okay. Minsan lang naman to! ^_^

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