Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Purpose, Work, and Meaning
of Our Lives.

Just sharing these beautiful words. Again from my copy of the book by David Viscott, "Finding Your Strength...", my handy little life coach. ^_^

I'm sure the question about the purpose of one's own life came across every grown-up person's mind. I remember praying that I find my life's purpose when I hit 30 just as Christ started his mission on earth at the same age.
I'm not really one of those people who are blessed enough to know what they want to do with their lives at a very young age.

"To be happy" is the typical answer. It's too general. But in order to be happy we must understand what makes us happy. So what does?

When I read these words by Viscott, I realized that my life's purpose actually has a lot to do with my gift. To an artist like me, talent is what pops in my head when speaking about "gift".

So I know what my gifts are. I have chosen a few that I love the most. The work of my life is now in progress and little by little I'm beginning to understand my life's meaning.

So what's your gift?

Feel free to share the image. ^_^

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