Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bohemian Diet:
Leylam Shawarma

The shawarma was introduced in this country in the 80's. I recall vaguely that it was referred to as the "poor man's sandwich". Maybe because it's a fast-food staple across the Middle East. Well if it's for the poor man then it's perfect for bohemians hehe.

I've tried many shawarmas already. A lot of bad ones. They can really make you realize why it was called the poor man's sandwich by the small serving of meat and too much onions. But I've discovered at SM Southmall (at the supermarket area) the shawarma store that has kept me coming back since last year.

Leylam Shawarma for me simply tastes better. Primarily because there's a good serving of meat that is not dry unlike other brands. All the ingredients - the vegetables, spices, cheese and sauce, are well portioned to give the right taste. It's only around Php 50. They also serve shawarma with rice instead of the pita bread, you can also have your shawarma rice topped with sunny-side-up egg. I think it's their best-seller. I'll try it also sometime.

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