Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Spotting:
The Art of Otto Bjornik

I was looking for inspiring pen and ink sketches when I saw one of Otto Bjornik's works on Google. In his blog I found lots of impressive stuff. At first, by the sound of his name, I thought he's from some Scandinavian country. But as I followed old posts I've noticed the frequent use of Tagalog words so I realized that the man behind these awesome works is a Filipino with quite a remarkable style.

I have high respect for artists whose work requires a lot of diligence. And you'll know how much effort they put in their art through the intricate details. Below is The Dichotomy Of Man, one of my favorites by him. Though monochromatic, the fullness of texture, shape and pattern gives pleasure to the eye.

Otto Bjornik's work is not limited to paper or flat surfaces. I've seen the magic he's done on toys, furniture, canvas shoes. His art is also available on mobile phone skins.

His blog is also quite interesting. Browsing through it down to the first post, I gather that his since-2004 blog has a "dark" past. "Deathunmasked" was probably the original blog name. It started out as an outlet for his creative writing and through the years it featured more of his visual art. Truly, an artist's life could be as interesting as his works.

I got curious about how he looks like. He has no pictures of himself in his blog but you'll find pictures of his hand on his work, serving as a watermark hehe clever. But I found one picture of him on another blog hehe find him here.

Otto Bjornik, you're amazing! I'm your new fan!

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