Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bohemian Diet:
My Usual Order at Chickboy

Often there are long lines at lunch time and dinner time here at the Molito branch near Madrigal Avenue. It's no surprise. Chickboy serves food that's delicious and affordable and that makes kinda up for the waiting that you'll have to do sometimes.

There are many dishes there that I haven't tried and I will never order. Not because it isn't good but it isn't quite the healthiest. You'll never see me ordering the bagnet complete with the crunchy pork skin and juicy layers of fat. Tempting as it may be.

So when I eat there with my lunch buddy we order: half of Cebu Lechon Manok for Php 125 (roast chicken); 2 cups of rice for Php 20 ( half cup for me, one and a half for my buddy); one plate of gising-gising for Php 55 (vegetables with sweet chilli sauce); 2 glasses of refillable iced tea for Php 25.

We each pay Php 125 pesos for a healthy delicious meal. Not bad huh? Maybe we'll order one whole Cebu roast chicken next time. Masarap eh. I love the vinegar dip that goes with it!


  1. Oh my gosh, Filipino foods.. I missed it!!! But a big no no to chicken skin.. Would ruin my diet. Although I want to taste a bit, lol...

    lipo 6

  2. Hi Glennda! Oh I'm sure an itty bitty piece of chicken skin every once in a while wouldn't hurt. hehe