Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Week Special:
Favorite Jesus Christ Art

There are so many actually, for many artist from medieval times to the present day have drawn inspiration from the life of Christ. Paintings and sculptures, traditional and modern interpretations, typical and shockingly deviant works are all over the web. Here are a few from what I find interesting...

A pile of nails, pieces of ordinary construction material made of metal, suddenly become symbolic when a crucifix is placed among them. It's like each nail represent the price for the salvation of one human soul from death.

I like that the photographer used a metal crucifix. The monochromatic look is just brilliant.

This is probably the most famous statue of Christ in the world. It is not really the largest. It is only the 5th largest statue of Jesus. I like this statue because of its Art Deco style and it is beautifully placed on top of a 2,300 foot mountain. Aerial pictures of this statue seem to convey a message that Christ is there in a high place watching over us.

I like the icon painting styles from the Byzantine Empire. The style is maintained in Greece, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and other Eastern Orthodox countries. The photo above is a mosaic from Hagia Sophia, once an Orthodox patriarchal basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum located in Istanbul. You know, I kinda like this style of painting over renaissance paintings in Catholic churches.

This wax sculpture of Christ by Paul Fryer is scaled 2/3. (I think if it will look kinda creepy if it's life-sized). One of the most unique depictions of Christ. Makes you think that if Jesus lived in the middle of the 2oth century, he would have been executed this way and the electric chair will be the symbol of Christianity.

This was a prop from an American adventure fantasy comedy film directed by Kevin Smith. In the movie, this image of Christ was used by a cardinal in a campaign to renew the image of and the interest in the Catholic Church. So instead of a crucified Christ, he created a more uplifting image of Jesus.

The image is later produced as an action figure. It's kinda cute - the smile, wink and the thumbs-up. As if Christ is saying, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

For me, this is the most handsome version of Jesus Christ in a painting. If Christ looked like that, a percentage of the women who went to see him preaching probably did so because they had a crush on him.

This painting by American artist Ariel Agemian is based on the image found on the Shroud of Turin. The shroud is a piece of burial cloth made of linen and bears a ghostly image of a man who has been crucified. By the markings on the shroud, many believe that it its the very cloth that was used to wrap the dead body of Christ.

The shroud is one of the most controversial artifacts in human history. You'll find a good article on Wikipedia about the tests and experiments done to prove and disprove its authenticity. Really I tried to understand the scientific terms in there. Like "corona discharge" and "Maillard reaction".

Anyway, if you're Christian I hope that these pictures will inspire you to take a moment and reflect
on the life, teachings and self-sacrifice of Him who has inspired many artists in history.

Have a blessed Holy Week...


  1. Thank you for sharing my father's painting.

  2. Just a correction. Ariel Agemian was an Armenian artist, who only came to America for the latter part of his life. see:

    1. Thanks Annig! Your father's paintings are awesome!

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  4. I am not catholist, but about 25 years ago I had seen Jesus Christ in my dream and have a talk. beside him still had 4 people. After wake up I described for some catholists (because I thought maybe he was Jesus). They talk I very happy to seen real Jesus Christ, St. Paul, Saint Peter, Saint John and Juda. yes! His appearance very like above picture " Face of Christ based on the shroud of turin 1935 " He is black hair, black eyes, wear ivory white color long gown, especialy the eyes are very solemn and compassionate. Only in my dream, his younger than the picture, may be not to 40 years old and very handsome than any movie stars with the compassionate eyes make me feel peace of mind.
    I think I had seen real Jesus, because I never know any of them before, but by some catholists explain to me, I found on the internet to look for their pictures and I known they are real exist.
    This painting very realistically.

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