Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Bohemian Fashion:
Nothing's Wrong With My Sarong

Summer isn't over. With yesterday's 35.9 °C temperature in Manila, we can very much feel summer. When it's this warm and I'm home all day, I sometimes wear this blue sarong I bought in Cagayan De Oro back in 1997.

If Scottish men have kilts, Southeast Asian men have sarongs. Every bohemian man should have at least one traditional sarong in his wardrobe. The best sarong for me are those with batik or ikat designs from Malaysia or Indonesia. They make really cool beach wear.

The sarong is quite a common home clothing or "pambahay" for men and women in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. In the Philippines, I believe it is still worn in the rural areas of Mindanao. I never tried wearing my sarong with a shirt in public here in the Metro. But if I live in the Serendra condominium you will probably find me wearing this ensemble in Bonifacio High Street. ^_^

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